Pizza Restaurants in Lima

Italian food has a huge number or lovers all around the world, and Lima, Peru is not an exception. In addition to large pizza chains like Pizza Hut or Dominos Pizza, there are several places where you can enjoy a good pizza as well as many other selections.

Let´s start with Antica Trattoria, with the traditional ovens, and that serves not only pizzas but also pastas and many other Italian specialties.

We also suggest San Ceferino Trattoria, in San Isidro, that maintains its top quality and great taste since many years ago; Barranco has also an excellent option, Antica Trattoria, a place with a warm and friendly atmosphere that will make you feel like home.

Miraflores has some great places. First, there´s the famous Calle de las Pizzas, that concentrates thematic restaurants and most of the places that offer pizza en Lima, in addition to offering a lively night scene apt for everyone.

A few metres away you will find Don Rosalino, that offers pizzas and pastas, and usually places a large TV screen when an important sports match (e.g. the FIFA Soccer World Cup) is scheduled-

In a different location in Miraflores, on Avenida del Ejercito, you will find the traditional Mavery, a family-run business that has grown and improved through the years; the sons of the founders are in charge now, and are constantly offering new creations, along with their Mavery pizza and the traditional empanadas.

Antica Trattoria

Avenida San Martín 201

Wonderful Italian Eatery...
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San Ceferino Trattoria

user rating

expert pick

Avenida Dos de Mayo 793

Italian food in San Isidro...
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Don Rosalino

user rating

Diagonal cuadra 4 (sin número)

In "Calle de las Pizzas"...
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Avenida del Ejercito 182

Pasta, pizzas and creativity...
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