Nantucket Restaurants

Being a haven in the summertime comes with its good cards as well as its bad, and Nantucket really scores on the restaurant side of the good card. Maybe it's just all the money floating around here from the well off, but Nantucket has everything from full French fare to the ma and pa restaurant that's been in the family for as long as time can remember. That, or you can take a picnic out to the water on a sailboat and enjoy New England in the most romantically cliche means possible. But hey, whoever said being cliche was a bad thing?

Figs at 29 Fair by Todd English

57 West Dedham Street

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American Seasons

80 Centre Street

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5 Amelia Drive

Cinco's rooms are beautifully …...
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Sophie T's Pizza

7 Daves Street

Choose Your Toppings...
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Trattoria Sfoglia

130 Pleasant St
Across from the Stop and Shop

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29 Fair

29 Fair St

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Fog Island Cafe

7 S. Water St

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The Juice Bar

12 Broad St

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Water Street

21 S. Water St

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The Summer House

17 Ocean Avenue

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Bartlett's Farm

33 Bartlett Farm Rd
Truck parked on Main St. in season

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6 Oak St

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41 Main St

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Straight Wharf

6 Harbor Sq
On Straight Wharf

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Schooner's at Steamboat Wharf

31 Easy St

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Cinco Restaurant and Bar

5 Amelia Dr
1/4 mile from the rotary, just off South Rd

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Ship's Inn Restaurant

13 Fair St

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Boarding House

12 Federal Street

Contemporary Cuisine...
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Galley Beach

54 Jefferson Ave

Dining on the Pristine Beach...
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LoLa 41º

15 South Beach Street

Specialized Bistro & Sushi Bar...
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