Naples Neighborhoods

List of areas to explore

1  Arenella

These are hill zones which were developed at the end of the 19th Century as a residential district for the Neapolitan...

2  Avvocata

3  Bagnoli

4  Bay of Naples

5  Campania

6  Chiaia

The places, monuments and landscapes in this triangle are probably the ones that have made Naples famous, and they...

7  Fuorigrotta

A modern residential zone where the Rai and the Politecnico have their headquarters, the Fuorigrotta is also the...

8  Il Centro Antico

9  Mercato

10  Miano

11  Montecalvario

12  Napoli Centro

13  Pendino

14  Pianura

15  Piazza Garibaldi

16  Piscinola/Marianella

17  Poggioreale

18  Porto

19  Posillipo

20  Procida

Outside of the city of Naples, there are fantastic day trips and sights to see via train or boat! The nearby cities...

21  Province of Salerno

22  San Carlo all'Arena

Piazza della Sanità holds the 17th century Chiesa di Santa Maria, under which are the San Gaudosio Catacombs;...

23  San Ferdinando

24  San Giuseppe

San Giuseppe Naples is characterized by its uniformity in town planning. In fact, the quarters that makes up the...

25  San Lorenzo

It is practically impossible to list all the monuments that you will find in the three decumani and the numerous...

26  Secondigliano

27  Stella

28  Vicaria

29  Vomero

30  Zona Industriale

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