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  • How good are the restaurants of Osaka? There's a saying among Japanese that whereas a Kyotoite will spend his last yen on a fine kimono, an Osakan will spend it on food. You don't have to spend a lot of money for restaurants, however, to enjoy good food in Osaka. Osaka itself is the birthplace of a number of famous Japanese dishes now available throughout the country. La Baie is one of the finest French restaurants in Osaka. If you are in Hep Navio shopping center, you should not skip the Kakiyasu. This is one of the nicer establishments in this city. Bruno is a curry restaurant whose dark, intimate interior is not brooding but more reminiscent of a comfortable, classy tavern. From local snack foods to Korean barbecue restaurants to French and Mexican foods, there are many choices for restaurants in Osaka.

    Baie (La)

    2-5-25 Umeda, Kita-ku
    Inside the Ritz Carlton Hotel

    Bon Appetit!... read more


    7-10 Kakuda-cho
    Hep Navio 6F

    Elegant, Traditional Japanese Food... read more


    7-10 Kakuda-cho
    Hep Navio 7F

    Fine Curry Tavern... read more


    2-5-25 Umeda
    Herbis Plaza, 2nd floor


    3-7-28 Minami Semba
    Rose Building

    Top of Hollywood

    6-2-45 Shimaya
    Hotel Nikko Bayside, Konohana-ku


    1-8-25 Dotonbori

    Tavola 36

    5-1-60 Namba
    Swissôtel 36F, Chuo-ku

    Café Solare

    1-5-10 Kaigandori
    Suntory Museum, Tempozan Harbour Village


    2-5-25 Umeda, Kita-ku
    Inside the Ritz Carlton Hotel

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    Rue d'Or

    3-6-12 Honmachi

    Aux Champs Elysées... in Osaka... read more

    Veduta (La)

    3-6-12 Honmachi

    No Jacket, No View... read more

    Panorama Beer Restaurant Asahi

    1-3-7 Shiromi Chuo-ku
    IMP Building, 26th floor


    1-1 Obukacho
    Yodobashi Camera, 8th floor

    Bar Tachibana

    1-9-19 Dotomburi
    Osaka Shochikuza Theater, 2nd basement


    1-6-14 Nishi Shinsaibashi
    Big Step, 3rd floor


    2-3-23 Dotombori

    Shochu Dojo Irifune

    Kakudacho 9-25
    Hankyu Umeda Terminal

    Grab A Quick Bite... read more

    Bar at Ritz Carlton (The)

    2-5-25 Umeda
    Inside the Ritz Carlton Hotel

    Indulgence At Midnight... read more


    Ebisu-higashi 3-4-12

    Simple & Tasty Japanese... read more
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