Santander Attractions

As Bilbao takes a majority of the tourists to the area, Santander is left mostly quiet and pristine if you're looking for a small, quaint city to explore. Known as one of the most beautiful boardwalks in the land, Santander was built with the sea-scape in mind, and a lot of the more tourist-y things revolve around the sea. The shops, hotels and activities are heavily reliant on the beach's influence. Walking through the city of Santander will leave you in a whirl of historical significance that has been perfectly preserved since the 1700's, with cathedrals and plazas still as pristine as the day they were created.

Cave of Altamira

Cave of Altamira, Alfoz de Lloredo, Spain

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23 Calle de Isabel II

For those who love riding the waves...
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Club Náutico La Horadada

Avenida de la Reina Victoria

Water sports in El Sardinero...
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10 Calle de Isabel II

Cakes and typical products...
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Santa María Pescados

12 Calle de San Francisco

Seafood from the Cantabrian Sea...
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5 Calle de Hernán Cortes

Everything for surfers...
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Avenida de Parayas

Very famous supermarket chain...
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55 Calle de Vargas

Cooked dishes and cakes...
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2 Calle de San Francisco

Elegant and sophisticated...
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Estación de Esquí Alto Campoo

Apartado 36

Pleasures of Snow...
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11 Calle de los Floranes

Do you love skiing?...
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Gimnasio González Machín

25 Calle de Simancas

They teach you self-defense...
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6 Calle de la Enseñanza

Fashion, gifts and accessories...
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12 Avenida de Camilo Alonso Vega

For all you sports-lovers...
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Centro de Alto Rendimiento de Vela Príncipe Felipe

Calle de Gamazo
Puerto Chico

Nautical Pursuits...
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Coronel Tapioca

22 Calle de Rualasal

Comfortable, simple and practical clothing...
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14 Calle de la Lealtad

Bright, fun clothing...
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Librería Hispano Argentina

13 Calle de San Francisco

Specialist in books for examinations...
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Galería Culturas

140 Barrio de San Martín

An original proposal...
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