Tea Houses in Shanghai

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  • Jing'An Temple
  • Pearl Tower
  • People's Square
  • Tea was invented in China, and the city's love and passion for tea is evident in the beautiful and packed tea houses around the city. From the insanely expensive tea houses in prime locations to the back alley tea houses with decent affordable teas. If you are a tea lover, Shanghai is a great place to visit. You could spend a few hours in every tea houses in town and never experience them all.

    Some of the prime tea houses in Shanghai include the Old Shanghai Tea House and the Red & Black Tea House, where you'll find delicious teas that span across the whole spectrum of tastes as well as small treats and tapas.

    The East Tea House and Madam Rose Coffee and Tea Salon offer similar delicacies but at more affordable prices. Tea can get expensive, and I mean so expensive that you'd need to have a special tea budget just to cover it. These arn't those kind of places, but you'll still enjoy them.

    Tong Xing Tea House and You Ran Ting Tea House offer great hot beverages but not just teas. You'll find amazing little treats at these tea houses, including some refreshing flower and fruit teas as well as the green and black teas.

    Shanghai is where tea from the south comes up to be enjoyed in high style and class. Although there are not many tea farms grown in the area, the tea imported from the southern regions is of the finest quality and taste.

    Old Shanghai Tea House

    385 Middle Fang Bang Street

    Exotic tea and history lessons through art...
    read more

    Red & Black Tea House

    11 Pu Xong Lu

    Cards, cakes and tea... read more

    Easy Tea House

    57-59 Rui Jin Er Lu

    Taking it easy, one cup at a time!... read more

    Sophia's Teahouse

    480 Huashan Lu

    Popular with the youth... read more

    Madam Rose Coffee and Tea Salon

    641 Changning Road

    A Taste of Something Elegant... read more

    Tong Xing Teahouse

    688 Hu Tai Road

    Anything else seems second best... read more

    You Ran Ting Teahouse

    812 Hong Qiao Road

    Ancient eatery, central Shanghai... read more

    Shing Shung Tea Bar

    195 North Huang Pi Road

    Near Shanghai Grand Theatre... read more

    Yage Leisure Teahouse

    510 Lancun Road

    A wide variety of teas... read more
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