Changning District

Without much tourist traffic, Changning is a good place to see locals at play. Many western business have set of experimental shops in the area to gauge Chinese buying power, and you're likely to spot western name-brand stores in the area crowded with locals.
Zhongshan Park is a popular place with the young and old, and houses several ponds, some amusement zones that offer rides and live entertainment, and several grassy areas where people play Frisbee, fly kites or picnic. The park is surrounded by modern restaurants and shopping buildings that are catered to by the metro station that makes transportation to the park and surrounding area very easy.
Neighboring East China Normal University draws a mix of young Chinese and foreign students to the area, and you're likely to encounter people who speak English in Changning due to the proximity to the University.


Rose Redtea House
Madam Rose Coffee and Tea Salon
Bus Club
Shanghai Film Art Center
Charlie's Bar
Gioiamia Italian Restaurant & Lounge Bar
Hash House Harriers
MAO Livehouse Shanghai
Paradise Theatre
Free Soul
Half Bar
Chelsea Bar
Studio City


Henry Antique Warehouse (Hengli Gudian Jiaju)
Hash House Harriers
Bokhara Carpets
Tianshan Tea City
Ke Center for the Contemporary Arts
Bei's Gallery
Aquaria 21
Shanghai Zoo
Zhongzan Park
Zhonshan Park
CANART Institute of Contemporary Arts
Globus Wine Shop
Kids Elements
Fun Dazzle
Sauna in Rainbow Hotel
Changning Tennis Centre
Da Man Guan Bowling Center
Xian Xia Tennis Centre


Sheng Villa
Yong He
Deng's Restaurant
Cui Yuan
Spectrum Chinese Restaurant
Tonic Master
Gioiamia Italian Restaurant & Lounge Bar
Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore
Patiala Pearl
Korean BBQ Restaurant
Big Fan
Gallo (El)
Wang Steak
Butterfly (The)
Chao Zhou Restaurant
Lou Wai Lou Restaurant
Goldfish Pond Restaurant
Hanano Japanese Restaurant
Sassoon Park Restaurant
Old Dong Bei Dumpling Restaurant


Hong Qiao Friendship Shopping Center
Shanghai Worldfield Convention Hotel
Hong Qiao State Guest Hotel
Shanghai Dazhong Merrylin Hotel
Hunan Hotel
Xijiao Guest House
Jinsha Hotel

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