G-MAX Reverse Bungy

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Clarke Quay
Singapore, Singapore


6338 1446,6338 1146


Warm up your vocal chords and prepare to scream - the G-MAX Reverse Bungy at Clarke Quay is a thrill-seeker's dream come true.

Designed to create a safer yet more extreme experience to traditional bungee jumping, the G-MAX Reverse Bungy sees adrenaline junkies sitting in a 3-seated steel enforced open-air capsule, which is then catapulted 60 metres into the air at a speed of 200km/ph, giving the riders an experience of 6 G-forces in the process.

The GX-5 Extreme Swing at the same site gives you a short period of free-fall followed by extreme swinging over the Singapore River.

Luckily the G-MAX Reverse Bungy is located in eating/drinking emporium Clarke Quay, so you have plenty of choices for a drink to calm the nerves afterwards.


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