History Attractions in St. Thomas

Owing to its past as a Danish colonial outpost and trading port, St. Thomas has a rich historical resume spanning 400 years. Pirates, merchants, artists, industrialists and the military have all left their mark on the island, with the majority of the best historical sites located in and around the capital of Charlotte Amalie. In fact, many of the best historical sites can be seen in a half-day trek around the capital on foot, as they are mostly within walking distance from one another.

Europhiles will be tickled to see classic European-style architecture in such a seemingly incongruous setting in the middle of the Caribbean, as is evident in landmarks such as Government House and the legislature building. Both are open to the public for tours and visitors can even watch legislators while they are in session. Opposite the legislature, near the waterfront, sits Fort Christian, one of the first structures built by the Danish in 1672 which was used to guard the town.

A little further to the east you can climb the famous 99 steps (actually closer to 103), which the Danes built in the early 1700s to connect the two sides of town. At the top is the old stone tower known as Blackbeard's Castle, although there's no conclusive proof that the notorious pirate ever used it as a lookout.

Another one of the best historical activities in St. Thomas is actually just offshore. The nearly uninhabited Hassel Island, in Charlotte Amalie Harbor, affords visitors the opportunity to get close to nature, while viewing ruins which reveal its past as a lookout, coaling station and shipping hub.

Fort Christian

Between Veterans Dr & Emancipation Garden

Bastion of history... read more

Blackbeard's Castle

Located on Mafolie Road

One of four National Historic Landmarks... read more

99 Steps

Off Kongens Gade
(Government Hill)

Hike along a 1700s-era pathway... read more

Government House

21-22 Kongens Gade
Government Hill

Historic government building... read more

Legislature Building

Route 30 (Veterans Drive)
Across from Fort Christian

Local politics in action... read more

Camille Pissarro Gallery

14 Main St
Caribbean Cultural Centre

Local showcase... read more

St. Thomas Synagogue

15 Crystal Gade
((Mail) Box 266)

Sand floor synagogue... read more

Frederick Lutheran Church

7 Norre Gade

Magnificent architecture... read more

Market Square

Main Street

Farmer's market in the heart of town... read more

Hassel Island

Historic island in Charlotte Amalie harbor...
read more
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