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    By Bus: When you travel by bus, the drivers are usually helpful in letting you know where your stop is. Exact change will get you further than just your destination.
    If you desire to go to the center of Tel Aviv from the Central Bus Station, take bus 4 to Allenby Road, which continues onto Ben-Yehuda Street. this is one block up from Ha-Yarkon, which runs parallel to the Mediterranean Sea. Bus 5 will take you to Mann Auditorium, Dizengoff Square, and Dizengoff Street. There are sheruts, yellow passenger vans that travel up and down Ben-Yehuda Street. Look for 4 or 5 in a van headed in your direction. The amount is posted on the inside of the window. Get in, sit down and pass your money forward. This is the quick way, not the man to ask questions to. If you are curious about a where or a what, ask a fellow passenger. If you want to go to Jaffa from the Central Bus Station, take bus 46 and get off at the Clock Tower on Yefet Street.
    Standard fare in Tel Aviv is NIS 5.80 shekels, more to and from peripheral areas like Raanana, Netanya and Petah Tikva. To get to Jaffa from Tel Aviv, take buses 10, 25, or 26 heading south. Bus 10 runs one street up from the Sea on Ben Yehuda Street where you should get off at the Clock Tower on Yefet Street. You will be near to Old Jaffa and the flea market. You can pick up Bus 25 on King George Street near Dizengoff Street. It runs through Jaffa on Jerusalem Street, which is a very long block that runs inland parallel to Yefet Street. One may walk to Jaffa heading south on the promenade. If you take Bus 25 norht, you will get to the Diaspora Museum of Jewish History and Tel Aviv University.
    For intercity Egged bus information, call tel. 03/694-8888. For information on Dan Bus service, which operates in the Tel Aviv/Sharon region, call tel. 03/639-4444.

    By Taxi
    Unlike many American cities, taxis are everywhere in Tel Aviv. Stick your hand out and one will pull over shortly. However, in the rare case that they are nowhere to be found, get to a major hotel. They have either a taxi line or can call one for you. When riding in the taxi you can demand that he run the meter, but many drivers will agree on a fee to your destination. However, unless someone trustworthy has told you how much said destination should be, ask for the meter. If you choose to use the meter, ask for a receipt(ka-ba-lah). Taxi drivers will ask more on Shabbat and after 9pm. Taxis are a safe mode of transportation used by all citizens.

    By Train
    For train schedules, call tel. 03/577-4000. A cleaner and more accessible train station is Arlozorof Train Station at the east end of Arlozorof Street. You can go up the coast to Nahariya in the north, or Beersheva to the south, or East to Jerusalem. There is a link to Ben-Gurion Airport. For the most current information on schedules and fares, go to

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