East Tokyo

Across the Sumida River, the eastern swath of Tokyo is largely a residential area. But, that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of important sights to take in. Tokyo evolved and grew from east to west, meaning that this is one of the best places to experience the everyday life of old Edo. Fittingly, Ryogoku – the country's most important sumo stadium – is here, as well as an abundance of traditional shops and restaurants.

As a tourist, there are definitely many other places to visit in Tokyo before heading to this residential patch, but Tokyo is indeed a sprawling city of many faces, often hiding its best from plain sight. The tiny, old residential streets found east of the Sumida River may be home to many hidden treasures.




Ryogoku Sumo Stadium

Edo-Tokyo Museum

Ghibli Museum


Mandarin Oriental

Pearl Hotel Ryogoku

Hotel Lungwood

Daiichi Hotel Ryogoku

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