Tokyo Neighborhoods

List of areas to explore

1  Akihabara

Akihabara was once the electronics capital of Japan, and is still known as the "Electric City." Although other...

2  Asakusa

Tokyo's historic heart, Asakusa is home to the impressive Senso-ji temple, among many other cultural sites. The...

3  Central Tokyo

The area within and right around the JR Yamanote train loop is a mish-mash of government and corporate offices,...

4  East Tokyo

Across the Sumida River, the eastern swath of Tokyo is largely a residential area. But, that doesn't mean there...

5  Ebisu / Daikanyama

Ebisu and Daikanyama are two of Tokyo's hippest neighborhoods. Although they run right into each other around Ebisu...

6  Harajuku / Aoyama

Does your mental picture of Tokyo include gothic lolitas and cosplay kids? Then Harajuku on a Sunday is probably...

7  Ikebukuro

Ikebukuro is one of Tokyo's Big 3 centers, along with Shinjuku and Shibuya. Compared with the other two, however,...

8  Odaiba / Ariake

The island of Odaiba was originally built as a defense against General Perry's Black Ships in 1853, but now serves...

9  Roppongi

Roppongi's line-up of bars and nightclubs is the main reason to come here. It offers a surprisingly western take...

10  Setagaya

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11  Shibuya

Shibuya buzzes with energy from the famous crowds of people swarming Hachiko crossing. Center Gai – the neighborhood's...

12  Shinjuku

Although it straddles Tokyo's western fringes, Shinjuku can in many ways be considered the city's center. The busiest...

13  Ueno

Ueno is Tokyo's eastern hub, offering dining, drinking, and entertainment with a slightly more traditional tilt....

14  West Tokyo

West Tokyo, like East Tokyo, is very much a residential district – perfect if you want to get a look at how Tokyoites...

15  Ginza / Yurakucho / Marunouchi

16  Outside the city

17  Adachi-Ku


18  Akasaka & Roppongi

Akasaka & Roppongi

19  Akihabara/Kanda


20  Arakawa - ku

Arakawa - ku

21  Asakusa / Mukojima

Asakusa / Mukojima

22  Business and entertainment district

Business and entertainment district

23  Chiyoda-ku


24  Chuo-ku


25  Ebisu


26  Ebisu & Meguro

Ebisu & Meguro

27  Edogawa-ku


28  Fukagawa


29  Futagotamagawa / Yoga

Futagotamagawa / Yoga

30  Ginza


31  Ginza & Hibiya

Ginza & Hibiya

32  Ginza / Yurakucho

Ginza / Yurakucho

33  Hamamatsucho / Shiba-koen

Hamamatsucho / Shiba-koen

34  Harajuku & Aoyama

Harajuku & Aoyama

35  Iidabashi / Kagurazaka

Iidabashi / Kagurazaka

36  Imperial Palace

Imperial Palace



38  In Tokyo

In Tokyo

39  Itabashi-ku


40  Jiyugaoka


41  Kanda / Ochanomizu

Kanda / Ochanomizu

42  Korakuen / Hongo / Koishikawa

Korakuen / Hongo / Koishikawa

43  Located in the business district

Located in the business district

44  Located in the city center

Located in the city center

45  Marunouchi


46  Meguro-ku


47  Minato-ku


48  Near airport

Near airport

49  Near Akasaka Palace

Near Akasaka Palace

50  Near Akihabara Electric Town

Near Akihabara Electric Town

51  Near Bridgestone Museum of Art

Near Bridgestone Museum of Art

52  Near Cerulean Tower

Near Cerulean Tower

53  Near Edo-Tokyo Museum

Near Edo-Tokyo Museum

54  Near Hamarikyu Garden

Near Hamarikyu Garden

55  Near Hanazono Shrine

Near Hanazono Shrine

56  Near Inokashira Park

Near Inokashira Park

57  Near Joypolis

Near Joypolis

58  Near Kabuki-za Theatre

Near Kabuki-za Theatre

59  Near Keio University

Near Keio University

60  Near Koishikawa Korakuen Garden

Near Koishikawa Korakuen Garden

61  Near Meiji Jingu Stadium

Near Meiji Jingu Stadium

62  Near Metropolitan Tokyo Resurrection Cathedral

Near Metropolitan Tokyo Resurrection Cathedral

63  Near Mitsukoshi

Near Mitsukoshi

64  Near Mori Art Museum

Near Mori Art Museum

65  Near Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall

Near Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall

66  Near National Museum of Western Art

Near National Museum of Western Art

67  Near Nekobukuro

Near Nekobukuro

68  Near New National Theatre Tokyo

Near New National Theatre Tokyo

69  Near NHK Hall

Near NHK Hall

70  Near Nijubashi Bridge

Near Nijubashi Bridge

71  Near Nippon Budokan Hall

Near Nippon Budokan Hall

72  Near Ryogoku Kokugikan

Near Ryogoku Kokugikan

73  Near San-ai Building

Near San-ai Building

74  Near Sengakuji Temple

Near Sengakuji Temple

75  Near Sensoji Temple

Near Sensoji Temple

76  Near Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Near Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

77  Near Studio Alta

Near Studio Alta

78  Near subway station

Near subway station

79  Near Suntory Hall

Near Suntory Hall

80  Near Takashimaya Times Square

Near Takashimaya Times Square

81  Near Tokyo Institute of Technology

Near Tokyo Institute of Technology

82  Near Tokyo International Exhibition Centre

Near Tokyo International Exhibition Centre

83  Near Tokyo International Forum

Near Tokyo International Forum

84  Near Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space

Near Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space

85  Near Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Near Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

86  Near Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography

Near Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography

87  Near Tokyo National Diet Library

Near Tokyo National Diet Library

88  Near Tokyo National Theatre

Near Tokyo National Theatre

89  Near Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall

Near Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall

90  Near Tokyo Stock Exchange

Near Tokyo Stock Exchange

91  Near Tokyo Takarazuka Theatre

Near Tokyo Takarazuka Theatre

92  Near Tokyo Tower

Near Tokyo Tower

93  Near Tsukiji Fish Market

Near Tsukiji Fish Market

94  Near Waseda University

Near Waseda University

95  Near World Trade Centre Building

Near World Trade Centre Building

96  Near Zojoji Temple

Near Zojoji Temple

97  Nerima-ku


98  Nihonbashi & Around Tokyo Station

Nihonbashi & Around Tokyo Station

99  Nihonbashi / Ningyocho

Nihonbashi / Ningyocho

100  Nishi Azabu

Nishi Azabu

101  Oi / Omori / Magome

Oi / Omori / Magome

102  On or Near Odaiba

On or Near Odaiba

103  Ota-ku


104  Other Neighborhoods

Other Neighborhoods

105  Otsuka / Sugamo / Komagome

Otsuka / Sugamo / Komagome

106  Outskirts of Tokyo

Outskirts of Tokyo

107  Roppongi & Akasaka

Roppongi & Akasaka

108  Roppongi & Nishi Azabu

Roppongi & Nishi Azabu

109  Ryogoku


110  Sangenjaya


111  Setagaya-ku


112  Shibamata


113  Shimo-kitazawa


114  Shinagawa


115  Shinagawa / Takanawa

Shinagawa / Takanawa

116  Suginami-ku


117  Sumida-Ku


118  Taito-ku


119  Takadanobaba / Waseda

Takadanobaba / Waseda

120  Toshima-ku


121  Toyosu


122  Tsukiji


123  Tsukiji / Harumi / Tsukishima

Tsukiji / Harumi / Tsukishima

124  Yotsuya


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