Ebisu / Daikanyama

Ebisu and Daikanyama are two of Tokyo's hippest neighborhoods. Although they run right into each other around Ebisu station, they present two decidedly different takes on cool. Sophisticated Ebisu goes modern, with the Sky Walk leading from the station to pristine Yebisu Garden Place, where the Yebisu beer museum – and its excellent tasting room – is not to be missed. It's also the location of the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. Many of Tokyo's finest restaurants call Ebisu home, and there are plenty of gourmet options that won't break the bank.

Daikanyama, meandering up a little hill like Ebisu's truant little brother, is the closest Tokyo comes to quaint: tiny cafes, funky shops, and charming bars dot the scene. It is a younger but equally trendy crowd who populates Daikanyama's slopes, relaxing in garden cafes and perusing specialty bookstores. Head here to catch a glimpse of the latest in Tokyo style – without the frills.

Both Ebisu and Daikanyama are hip and stylish, but neither forgets its old Edo roots. There are still plenty of laid-back izakayas (pubs) here, run by equally tempered proprietors.


Billy Barew Ebisu

Ebisu Garden Hall



Beer Museum Yebisu

Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography Museum Shop


Zest Cantina


Hotel Excellent Ebisu

Hotel New Meguro

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