Odaiba / Ariake

The island of Odaiba was originally built as a defense against General Perry's Black Ships in 1853, but now serves as an ultra-modern playground for the city's residents and tourists alike. Huge shopping complexes, convention centers, and excellent museums (like the Miraikan) draw big crowds here on the weekends. The Fuji Television studios are here, as well as the Tokyo Big Sight convention center. It's worth the trip for the view from the monorail across Rainbow Bridge alone.

Odaiba is also the site of many of Tokyo's most original shows and exhibitions. The Design Festa is held here, as well as many world-class concerts and temporary (sometimes bizarre) installations, like a 1/1 scale Gundam figure gazing out to the ocean from the island's shore. Also not to be missed is a smaller replica of Lady Liberty – perfect for curing any bouts of homesickness. In the summer, Odaiba is a great venue for the Tokyo Bay Fireworks.


Oedo Onsen

Rainbow Bridge

Tokyo Toy Show


Monsoon Cafe



Le Meridien Grand Pacific

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