Verona Attractions

Also known as Urbs Nobilissima, Verona is the second largest city in the Veneto region of Northeast Italy, and is famed for being the hometown of the most tragic star-crossed lovers of all time; Romeo and Juliet. To this day it is clear to see why Shakespeare might have chosen the town as his setting; dangerously romantic, embedded with history and whimsical mystery, Verona is truly an inspiring place to visit.

With a heritage that dates back more than two thousand years, Verona was once a very important Roman town, and today remains one of Italy’s best kept archeological sites. The historical center lies hidden behind the town’s roman walls, and it is within these ancient stones that the majority of the monuments and historic sites can be located. First up, head down to the Piazza Bra; a large open square dominated by the famous Roman Arena. In Roman times, this was the principal area for entertainment, seating over 20,000 spectators. The high arched structure arena has been impeccably reserved, and is now open to a contemporary public to come and have a look around. If visiting the city in the summer months, one of the most famous local events is the summer opera season which is held in this impressive amphitheater, and is a truly amazing location and spectacular event not to be missed. Aside from the arena, the town’s archeological museum can be found at the Roman Theater, and is an insightful experience, with the added bonus of being set in a great location, that offers panoramic view of the town, from the River Adige to the town center.

Touring the city would not be complete with taking a trip to the famous Juliet Balcony. Although the love story is fictional, the house and the balcony are reputed to have belonged to the real Veronese family whose feud with another town dynasty is supposed to have inspired the Shakespearean play. Even if you don’t look down onto a serenading Romeo, going up onto the balcony is an tourist must, and an amusing opportunity for a dramatic holiday snap or two. The entrance of the courtyard is also noteworthy, being covered in romantic graffiti, where you can add you name to the listed lovers, and become part of Verona history. In the center of the courtyard can be found a bronze sculpture of Juliet herself, who according to local legend is meant to bring luck in love to whoever touches her.

Centro Internazionale di Fotografia Scavi Scaligeri

Cortile del Tribunale

Photography in Museo Scavi Scaligeri... read more

Juliet's Tomb (La Tomba di Giulietta)

5 Via delle Pontiere

Remembering Juliet... read more


Via Don Bassi

Gothic Church... read more

San Zeno Maggiore

Vicolo Abbazia, 1
Piazza S. Zeno

Mesmerizing Architecture... read more

Museo Archeologico

Via Regaste Redentore, 2

Mosaics & Sculptures... read more

Museo d'arte

Corso Castelvecchio 2
at Via Roma, on the Adige River

Venetian Sculpture & Painting... read more

San Lorenzo

Corso Cavour

Good Example of Veronese Romanesque Style... read more

Piazza dei Signori

Piazza dei Signori

The Heart of the City... read more

Museo Archeologico del Teatro Romano

Rigaste Redentore 2

Ancient Roman Theater... read more

Giardino Giusti

Via Giardino Giusti 2

Splendid Renaissance Garden... read more

San Fermo Maggiore

Via Dogana 2

Two Buildings On Top Of Each Other... read more

Casa di Giulietta

Via Cappello 23
southeast of Piazza delle Erbe

A Romantic Balcony... read more

Piazza delle Erbe

Piazza delle Erbe
Between Via Mazzini and Corso Porta Borsari

Focal Point of Urban Life... read more

Torre dei Lamberti

Via della Costa

Verona's Landmark... read more

Castello di Montorio

Via Castel Montorio

10th-century Medieval Castle... read more

Museo Civico di Castelvecchio

Corso Castelvecchio 2

Art and History Museum... read more

Villa Arvedi

Villa Arvedi

A Witness of History... read more

Arena di Verona

Basilica di Sant'Anastasia

Piazza Duomo

Piazza Duomo

Eventful Square... read more
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