Trinidad and Tobago

The term “vibrancy” doesn’t really do Trinidad and Tobago justice. Take the colorful cacophony of birds, the aqua waters containing coral gardens and underwater canyons, the lush rainforests and deserted coves, the shaking hips of Carnival and the complex culture—set it all the sound of steel pans, and you’ve got something close. The dual island nation of Trinidad and Tobago is memorizing as much for its Caribbean climate and natural wonders as for its culture. A diverse mix of ethnicities comprises the islands’ population, with East Indian and African influences apparent. Trinidad and Tobago culture is perhaps best experienced through its music, a sultry mix of saco, calypso and parang—and of course, through its legendary Carnival. But there’s even more beneath the surface (and we’re not just talking dive sites). Head to booming Trinidad’s rugged coastal Northern Range for waterfalls and wildlife, and saunter over to Tobago for low-key, sandy-feet relaxation. Tourism isn’t a top industry in Trinidad and Tobago, which means you’ll get an unself-conscious, and possibly more authentic, experience. Either way, the fervent pride of Trinidad and Tobago is bound to captivate you. Just in case the beaches and rainforests didn’t.

Top Destinations in Trinidad and Tobago

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