Tobago Travel Guide

Tobago is the smaller of the two islands that make up the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. Tourism in Trinidad tends to revolve around the cities, while Tobago is where you'll find all the charm and romance of a truly unforgettable Caribbean vacation. Here, in this serene and idyllic paradise for couples, the waters are clearer, the rainforest unspoiled and the palm trees sway to the slow passage of the days.



The beaches of Tobago are popular not only for swimming, snorkeling and diving but for water sports. Back Bay, Cotton Bay and King Peter's Bay are all lovely and tranquil spots to swim and just hang out. For snorkeling and scuba diving, no spot beats Buccoo Beach. Arnos Vale Bay, Parlatuvier Bay and Pirate's Bay are also scenic snorkeling areas. The Speyside Bay Reef at Speyside Beach is another scuba hub. Surfers will find the swells at Bacolet Bay exciting while windsurfers should head for Little Rockley Bay. Water sports are popular at Pigeon Point and Canoe Bay.


If you want to take a breather from the beaches, try a stroll around capital of Scarborough and visit the Tobago Museum to learn more about the island's cultural history. In Plymouth, the Arnos Vale Waterwheel, constructed over 100 years ago, is worth a look. You can also enjoy the mesmerizing natural cascade of water at Rainbow Falls on the Goldsborough River. Hiking and birdwatching can be enjoyed at the Tobago Forest Reserve. If you're bringing your golf clubs, spend half a day on the links of the award-winning Mt. Irvine Bay Golf Course.



The cuisine in Tobago is Creole cuisine, with specialties including caramelized chicken and other meats, curried goat and stewed vegetables in coconut milk. Of course, seafood is always in abundance. Most of the restaurants are in Scarborough and in the resorts of Buccoo, Crown Point, Plymouth and Stonehaven Bay. For fine dining with seafood on the menu and a view of the coast, head to Charlotteville, Roxborough or Speyside.



Most of the shopping in Tobago is located in Scarborough and Crown Point. You can get traditional art, handcrafts, leather bags and other souvenirs at the Scarborough Mall. For local produce and fresh fish and the chance to haggle, drop by the Scarborough Market, which is close to the mall. The village of Speyside has many shops that specialize in diving, snorkeling and swimming equipment. For even more choices, try Englishman's Bay on North Side Road.

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