Sedona Travel Guide

You'll never forget the first time you catch a glimpse of Sedona: the earth-colored desert terrain suddenly gives way to a landscape of clay-red fields, giant spires, and natural rock formations, all burnished a mesmerizing orange-red hue. This is Red Rock Country, and there's no where else like it on Earth.

The city of Sedona is one of the top destinations in the Southwestern United States, and it's not difficult to see why. The city, perfectly situated under the southwestern rim of the Colorado Plateau and at the mouth of scenic Oak Creek Canyon, enjoys near-perfect year-round weather characterized by four gentle seasons. In the summer the region becomes a cool weather haven for tourists visiting from the low deserts, and winters are mild, although light snowfall, especially outlying areas, is common.
But the real reason people come to Sedona is for the extraordinary natural beauty of the area. The massive red rock formations of Sedona have become icons of the Southwest, and over the years the region has earned a reputation as a spiritual sanctuary for artists, thinkers, and nature-lovers from around the world. Hiking, bird-watching, and jeep tours are perennial tourist favorites, but lately the city has become the capital of rest and rejuvenation with dozens of spas and resorts catering to visitors from around the world.

Many people make a special pilgrimage to Sedona to soak up the metaphysical vibe of the high desert. In the 1980s, medium and healer Page Bryant coined the term "vortex" to describe highly concentrated energy areas that are especially conducive to healing, mediation, and prayer. Bryant described Sedona as a special place full of highly charged vortexes, a pronouncement that continues to draw positive-minded energy-seekers to the area. Of course, even before Bryant christened Sedona as a vortex capital, it's believed that Sedona was viewed as a special place by Native American tribes who have performed ceremonies in the region for hundreds of years.

Where to Go in Sedona


Oak Creek Terrace Resort

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4548 North State Route 89A

Sleep & Jeep in Sedona

Sedona Trolley

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201 North State Route 89A

Historic and scenic tour of Sedona

India Palace

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1910 W Hwy 89A
(Basha's Shopping Center)

Delhi-style delights


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1405 W Hwy 89A

A dose of Southwestern hospitality

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