Landmarks in Athens

Athens is a striking city from far thanks to distinctive landmarks such as the Acropolis on its flat rock and the little white church of St. George on top of Lykavittos (Lycabettus)Hill. These top ten must see landmarks, buildings, and historical sites are identified with the city, so get out your camera for those postcard-perfect shots telling the world you were in the birthplace of Western culture.

First on our list of landmarks is none other than the UNESCO protected, world heritage site of the Acropolis. It's rare in the world for architectural and artistic perfection far ahead of its time. Within the vicinity are the recognizably Roman arches of the Odeon of Herodus "Herod" Atticus where summer performances are still held. The last remaining columns of the Temple of Zeus stretch high over the treetops as drivers enter the city from the south, while the 60,000 seating capacity of the marble Panathenaic Stadium, site of the first modern Olympic games in 1896 is the first attraction viewed when entering from the north. The Temple of Zeus is framed beautifully by the mark of the man who completed the 700 year-long construction of it, the Roman emperor Hadrian. For an incredible view of Hadrian's Arch, look back from the Lysikrates Monument, perhaps the world's largest theater trophy. The Tower of the Winds is the most mysterious marker on our list, believed to have been a meteorological center and hydraulic clock. The New Acropolis Museum is by far the most modern; its stark contrast with the old city is controversial but no one can deny that it leaves an impression and represents the future landmarks of Athens.


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Dionissiou Areopagitou. Ticket booth, small post office, and snack bar are located slightly below the Acropolis entrance

The high city of the ancient Athenians... read more

Lysikrates Monument

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Tripodon Street

The sponsor's award... read more

Panathenaic Stadium

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Vassileos Konstantinou Avenue

Reviving the Olympic spirit... read more

Hadrian's Arch

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Vassilissis Olgas @ Amalias Avenue
On Leoforos Amalias, near Temple of Olympian Zeus, easily seen from the street

In honor of the Roman emperor... read more

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

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Amalias Street and Syntagma Square

Every hour on the hour... read more

Temple of Olympian Zeus (Olympieion)

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Vassilissis Olgas and Amalias Avenue
At Leoforos Vas. Olgas and Amalias, easily seen from the street

Worshipping Zeus... read more

Tower of the Winds

Pelopida & Eolou Streets (east of the ancient agora)

Gone with the winds... read more

Lykavittos Hill

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Corner of Aristippou & Ploutarchou Streets

Sweeping views of the city... read more

Odeon of Herod Atticus

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Dionysiou Areopagitou Street

Experience theater the traditional Greek way...
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New Acropolis Museum

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15 Dionysiou
Dionisiou Aeropagitou

Witness to History... read more
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