Energy Nightlife in Buenos Aires

No sipping martinis and engaging in low-voiced conversations about arts and culture for you. When you're ready to let loose, BA's liveliest bars are ready for you. Loosen your tie and let down your hair to join in with Argentina's wildest party animals at bars like the British-style Gibraltar (dark, crammed, with pool tables back past the kitchen), American Sugar (think 2 x 1 well drinks and half-priced happy hour specials), and rock-and-roll bar Guevara, where oddball bands play on the tiny stage for a hipster crowd. Pound beers and caipirinhas Brazilian-style at Devenir Brasil, a restaurant by day that turns into an improvised dance hall by night. For a totally different, yet equally fun time, grab your friends and head down to La Peña del Colorado, a folk music club where regulars go to guzzle red table wine and dance the chacarera, a regional folk dance.


5733 Honduras

Nice Neighbourhood Cafe...
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Puerta Roja

Chacabuco 733

Local watering hole...
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Peru 895

British pub with an Indian twist...
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user rating

Costa Rica 4619
(cross-street Armenia)

Booze & Tunes for Homesick Travelers...
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Humberto Primo 463

Cheap Booze & Good Company...
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Devenir Brasil

Serrano 1327
(cross-street Niceto Vega)

Brazilian Flavors in Argentina's Soho...
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Niceto Vega 5511

Classic Cocktails, Classy Terrace...
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Maluco Beleza

Sarmiento 1728

A place to dance to Brazilian music...
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El Living

user rating

Marcelo T. de Alvear

Not Your Average Living Room...
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Peña del Colorado (La)

Güemes 3657

Traditional folk song and dance...
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