Upscale Nightlife in Buenos Aires

Upscale bars are easy to come by in Buenos Aires, a city of faded elegance and modern sophistication. For a leisurely drink with a friend or two while soaking up the ambiance of days past, stop into the downtown spots Richmond or the Plaza Bar, two glamorous bars with offerings such as oysters and champagne. To go the modern route, bar hop in Palermo between Casa Cruz and its next door neighbor, Isabel, a new spot that operates on a token system, so stock up at the door. Both Milion and Belushi have lush outdoor spaces for boozing in the open air. For something truly unique, try Mosoq, a chichi Peruvian restaurant with fantastic cocktails. Should you be in the mood to groove, head over to Tequila, a revived nightclub that was brought back to life after a few years off and now attracts some of BA's poshest figures.


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Paraná 1048
Barrio Norte

Funky eats and drinks meet old-world charm...
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Belushi Martini Bar

Honduras 5333
Capital Federal

Froufrou Mixology for the Best-Dressed in Town...
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Bar Isabel

1664 Uriarte, Palermo Soho
Buenos Aires

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Plaza Bar

Florida 1005
Marriott Plaza Hotel

Ruthlessly Elegant...
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Florida 468/66
Zona Centro

Literary hangout of yesteryear...
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El Salvador 5800

Peruvian food and martini bar...
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Casa Cruz

1658 Uriatte

It's All Style...
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647 Dinner Club

Tacuari 647

Shanghai, Meet Buenos Aires...
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Sabbia Liquor Bar

1240 Ayacucho St, Punta del Este
Buenos Aires

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