Gangneung Hotels


303-4 Bun-ji Gangmun-dong

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Hotel Agni

San 84-2, Jumunjin-eup

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The Blue Hill

1154 Jumunri Jumunjin-eup

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HI Resort Alpensia Pyeongchang

225-3 Yongsan-Ri

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Dragon Valley Hotel

130 Yongsan-ri, Doam-myeon

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Holiday Inn Alpensia Pyeongchang Suites

195 Alpensia Resort Yongsan-Ri

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Kensington Flora Hotel Pyeongchang

221 1 ganpyeong ri Jinbu myeon

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InterContinental Pyeongchang Resort Alpensia

225- 3 Yongsan Ri

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Holiday Inn Resort Alpensia

215 Alpensia Resort Yongsan

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Greenpia Condominium

Pyeongchang-gun Doam-Myeon

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Hotel Gangneung

1117, Ponam-dong

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Sun Castle Hotel

San 84-2
Jumunjin-li, Jumunjin-eup

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Hotel Hyundai Gyeongpodae

274-1, Gangmun-dong

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One of the first things to figure out on any trip is where to lay your head. Whether you're looking to kick back in the lap of luxury or stretch a shoestring budget, cozy up somewhere sweet or party somewhere chic, the hotels of Gangneung are ready to tuck you in and treat you right. You'll sleep well.

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