Gangneung Attractions

Gyeongpodae Pavilion

94 Jeo-dong

Daegwallyeong Museum


431 Unjeong-dong

Unification Park

Morae Shigae (Hourglass) Park

Gyeongpoho (Gyeongpo Lake)

Jumunjin Beach

Jeongdongjin Beach

Haslla Art World

San 33-1
Jeongdongjin-li, Gangdong-myeon

Chamsori (True Sound) Gramophone Museum and Edison Science Museum

36 Jeo-dong

Gyeongpodae Beach

Ojukheon Municipal Museum and Residence

201 Jukheon-dong

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There’s never a reason to be bored in Gangneung. There are just too many things to do. Start with the must-see attractions, move to the big sights and fine museums, check out some tours, dig in to some outdoor activities, and work your way down to the between-the-cracks, off-the-beaten-path gems. Just leave some time to catch your breath.

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