Paul Mistral Park

Paul Mistral Park, often just called Parc Mistral by locals, is Grenoble's green lungs and offers sprawling lawns for picnics or just relaxing. The lawns fill a 21 hectare area bordered by boulevard Clemenceau, avenue Jean Perrot, boulevard Jean Pain (and a stretch of the C tram line), and the Isère river.

Parc Mistral offers more than just green space. It is also the home of Grenoble's city hall, the Stade des Alpes soccer stadium, Palais des Sports event hall, Anneau de Vitesse track, and Halle Clemenceau where events such as the Chocolate Fair and Line Dancing Championships are held.

The park's most famous monument, the Tour Perret, has watched over Grenoble since 1925, when Parc Mistral and the tower were created. Paul Mistral served as mayor of Grenoble from 1910 to 1932. In the 1920s, the city began planning for the International Tourism and Hydroelectric Power Exposition to crown Grenoble capital of hydroelectricity thanks to the numerous nearby mountain torrents. Paul Mistral had the idea to tear down the military installations occupying the grounds of today's park to turn it into a huge fair ground. Despite much opposition, notably from the military, he plowed through with his project and by 1925, Grenoble had a new park and a new symbol with the observation tower. It is the only construction left from the exposition.

Every summer, the city of Grenoble turns Parc Mistral into a playground with water games, lounge chairs for the public's relaxation, rock climbing installations, and mini ropes courses for children. Free concerts are occasionally held here as well.

The neighborhood surrounding the park offers a few places worth exploring as well, mostly in the areas between the park and the historic center. The municipal library, which is classified as an exceptional work of 20th century architecture puts on free, temporary exhibits from its archives. The Pathé multiplex cinema and Hoche organic market, held every Saturday morning, are also in this neighborhood. The Natural History Museum and Botanical Garden are also just across from city hall, where parents can relax as their children can play on the garden's jungle gym equipment.

Grenoble's most delicious street, the rue de Strasbourg, also runs from Parc Mistral to the historic center. Take a tempting stroll between the two neighborhoods to pick up more than a few culinary treats.


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Paul Mistral Park


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