University Campus

While the University of Grenoble dates back to 1339, Grenoble's American-style campus was created when JFK had just been elected president. Today, five colleges share the campus, which covers 176 hectares and includes 10 kilometers of bicycle paths and four tram stops.

Its student body includes 150 different nationalities, which make Grenoble one of France's most cosmopolitan cities, especially during the school year. It's no wonder so many students come to the Grenoble campus--the popular student magazine l'Etudiant regularly ranks Grenoble as one of France's most student-friendly sites.

Many of the buildings on the campus could use a significant amount of renovation. For students used to American campuses with their Doric columns, brick buildings, and harmonious architecture, the Grenoble campus looks anything but American. Nevertheless, architecture and outdoor sculpture fans will enjoy a walk around the campus for its unique constructions like the Louis Weil lecture hall and the 41 works of art spread around the grounds.

For the public, the campus offers a few cultural events throughout the year. Un Tramway Nommé Culture (A Tramway Named Culture) is a school-year's worth of events programmed from September to June, mostly during lunch time. The Amphidice, inside the Université Stendhal, often hosts plays, concerts, and dance performances. The plays may be in French, English, or Italian, so it can be worth checking the program if you are interested in seeing a play in English.


The banks of the Isère

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