Off Beaten Path Attractions in Hong Kong

Tourist attractions in Hong Kong only allow you to see the surface of the deep rooted Chinese influences on the previous British Colony. It is the off the beaten path things that you can do that allow you to meet people and let you delve a little under the surface.

Early morning Tai Chi watching is going to be quite an unexpected and unusual sight if you haven't seen elderly folk practicing this ancient chi gong in parks before. You might want to go to parks by 8am to see synchronized early morning tai chi.

Going to see Bonham Strand East and West will be an experience for your eyes and nose, the old seafood preserved districts sell herbs as well as rather unforgettable dried parts of marine animals as local delicacies. The whole area still operates the way it did fifty years back and you'll be sure not to see tourists.

There has been much controversy over the preservation of the Aw Boon Haw Gardens or more commonly known as the Tiger Balm Gardens. A 7-storey Tiger Pagoda is the highlight of the garden and it was one of the first theme parks in Hong Kong but what is off the beaten path about this tourist attraction are the murals depicting the vivid torture and suffering of people in the 18 storeys of hell.

Don't want to go to temples and monasteries that are packed with tourists then carve some time in for Chi Lin Nunnery, its off the beaten path and not even a that popular with locals. The present-day temples are built without the use of any iron nails! Based on traditional Chinese architectural techniques dating from the Tang Dynasty but what is truly unforgettable is the tranquility that bestows upon you once you enter the Chinese landscaped gardens.

Apliu Street Market in Sham Shui Po is you one stop electronics flea market that you wouldn't expect tourists to show up looking for souvenirs. You'll be able to explore one of the most traditional and aged districts of Sham Shui Po as well as the Golden Computer Centre.

Megabox is so off the beaten path that it might be far fetched for locals to go shop there. Its a local pick to go if you want to watch movies without queues, go shopping and be able to find all sizes, eat and experience the pleasure of prompt service and no annoying tourists.

Out of all the offbeat outdoor things that you can do in Hong Kong, the reason that the Hong Kong Wetland Park exists is of its ecotourism attraction status, here you can see the native plants and fish of Hong Kong through the animals and models displayed in the Living Wetland Gallery, such as False gharial, mouse deer and green turtle.

Next local pick is Peng Chau, a small island west of Hong Kong Island and East of Lantau, it used to play a role in the industrial development of Hong Kong but there are lots of traditional festivals such as the Tin Hau opera, Yu Lan festival that attract quite a crowd.

Lei Yu Mun is one off the beaten path fishing village to visit if you want a Cantonese style seafood considering that there are so many seafood restaurants everywhere in Hong Kong but if you were to plan a trip then you'll be able to choose your own Seafood live from the tanks outside of the Restaurants, Lei Yu Mun is the place to see business deals get sealed and locals taking their families out for a family trip.

If you enjoyed the gist of Lei Yu Mun then chances are you might find the Sam Tung Uk Museum quite an unusually quiet museum. As a traditional Hakka walled village that was founded by a Chan clan who settled in Hong Kong in the 18th century. The clan's distant ancestors can be traced back to Fujian province, but some descendants had migrated to Guangdong province. In the mid 18th century, Chan Yam-shing of the clan came with others to Tsin Wan (present-day Tsuen Wan). The clan constructed seawalls to reclaim land which they could then farm.

Early Morning Tai Chi Watching

Gloucester Road
(Victoria Park)

Take part in an ancient disipline... read more

Bonham Strand East and West

Sheung Wan

Local traditional dried seafood and herbal medicines... read more

Aw Boon Haw Gardens

Tai Hang Road
(Tin Hau)

Tiger Balm Gardens... read more

Chi Lin Buddhist Nunnery

Diamond Hill, Kowloon
Chi Lin Rd, Diamond Hill

Pristine serene and scenic Chinese gardens...
read more

Apliu Street Market

Apliu Street
Sham Shui Po

Electrical Goods Flea Market... read more


38 Wang Chiu Road
Kowloon Bay

Kowloon Bay Red cube... read more

Hong Kong Wetland Park

Wetland Park Road
Tin Shui Wai, Yuen Long District

UNESCO heritage site, wetlands and beginning of whole eco-system... read more

Lei Yue Mun

Yau Tong
Kwun Tong

Off-Beat Destination For Seafood Lovers... read more

Sam Tung Uk Museum

2 Kwu Uk Lane
Tsuen Wan

Gain insight into traditional Hakka lifestyle in the 1800s... read more

Peng Chau

38 Kilometers West of Hong Kong Island

Small island where everyone knows everyone...
read more
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