Things To Do Near Bieńczyce in Krakow

Popular Places

  • Bieńczyce
  • Old Town
  • Planty
  • Wawel
  • Wieliczka
  • Klub Kuznia

    approx 14 blocks
    Osiedle Złotego Wieku 14

    Activities and Events... read more

    1949 Club

    approx 1 mile
    osiedle Urocze 12, Cracow, Poland

    Aleja Roz (Rose Avenue)

    approx 1 mile
    Aleja Roz

    One of the most famous spots in Nowa Huta... read more

    Muzeum Lotnictwa Polskiego (Aviation Museum)

    approx 1 mile
    Jana Palacha II 39

    Collection of Plane Fuselages... read more

    Pegaz - Horseriding Centre

    approx 1 mile
    Ulica Łowińskiego 1

    Paradise for Horse Lovers... read more

    Nowohuckie Centrum Kultury

    approx 2 miles
    Aleja Jana Pawla II 232

    Cultural Center... read more

    Wodny Park

    approx 2 miles
    126 Dobrego Pasterza

    Slides, pools and tons of fun... read more

    Krokus Shopping Centre

    approx 2 miles
    Bora-Komorowskiego 37

    Shopping Mall... read more


    approx 2 miles
    37 Generała Tadeusza Bora-Komorowskiego

    French hypermarket... read more

    Sunset Suits

    approx 2 miles
    Aleja Pokoju 67

    Contemporary Suits... read more

    Park Lotnikow Polskich

    approx 2 miles
    Aleja Jana Pawła II

    Large Park Near Downtown... read more

    Alma Market

    approx 2 miles
    Pilotów 6

    Delicatessen & Supermarket... read more

    Julius Meinl

    approx 2 miles
    Majora 12A

    International Supermarket Chain... read more

    Krakow Plaza

    approx 2 miles
    Aleja Pokoju 44

    Entertainment & Shopping Destination... read more


    approx 2 miles
    Aleja Pokoju 44

    Jeans and Casualwear... read more

    IMAX Kraków

    approx 2 miles
    Aleja Pokoju 44, 31-564 Kraków, Poland

    Kopiec Wandy

    approx 3 miles
    322 Mogi

    In Memory Of Kraków Princess... read more

    Fundacja Bronisław Chromy ART

    approx 3 miles
    Ulica Cystersów 11

    Fine Art... read more

    Wieliczka Castle

    approx 3 miles

    Ruins of the 13th century castle... read more

    Smok Wawelski (Wawel dragon)

    approx 3 miles
    Wzgórze Wawelskie

    Legendary Kraków monster... read more
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