Things To Do Near Wawel in Krakow

Popular Places

  • Bieńczyce
  • Old Town
  • Planty
  • Wawel
  • Wieliczka
  • Wawel Cathedral

    close by
    Droga do Zamku

    Stunning Renaissance Architecture... read more

    Muzeum Katedralne im. Jana Pawła II

    approx 1 block
    Wawel 2
    Wawel Cathedral

    Rich Collection of Polish Art... read more

    Wawel Cathedral and Cathedral Museum

    approx 1 block
    Zamek Wawel 9
    Wawel Hill

    Sigismond Chapel (Kaplica Zygmuntowska)

    approx 1 block
    Wawel 15

    Splendid Gold-Leaf Dome... read more

    Zygmunt Bell and Tower (The)

    approx 1 block
    5 Wawel
    The Royal Castle

    The Biggest Cathedral Bell in Poland... read more

    Crown Treasury and Armory

    approx 1 block
    Wawel 5
    Wawel Royal Castle

    Royal Regalia and Other Precious Objects... read more

    Wawel Castle Courtyard

    approx 1 block
    Wawel 5
    Wawel Royal Castle

    Wonderful Rennaisance Courtyard... read more

    Wieża Kurza Stopka (Hen's Foot Tower)

    approx 1 block

    Workshop of an alchemist... read more


    approx 1 block
    Wawel 5

    Krakow's House of Royalty... read more

    Wawel Heads

    approx 1 block
    Wawel Castle
    Wawel Hill

    Legendary Heads... read more

    Royal Chambers (The)

    approx 2 blocks
    Wawel 5
    Wawel Royal Castle, The National Art Collection

    Royal Art... read more

    Plac na Groblach

    approx 3 blocks
    Plac Na Groblach

    Shopping, Hotels & Restaurants... read more

    Magic Stone at Wawel Hill

    approx 3 blocks
    Wawell Hill

    Mysterious Energy Source... read more

    Muzeum Archidiecezjalne (Archidiocesian Museum)

    approx 3 blocks
    Kanonicza 19-21

    Former Home of the Pope... read more

    Jan Fejkiel Gallery

    approx 3 blocks
    Ulica Grodzka 65

    Polish Treasures... read more

    Boruni Gallery

    approx 4 blocks
    Ulica Grodzka 60

    Amber Creations... read more

    Ukrainian Art Gallery

    approx 4 blocks
    15 Kanoniczna

    Temporary & Permanent Exhibitions... read more

    Ulica Kanonicza

    user rating

    approx 4 blocks

    Pictureque street leading to the Castle... read more

    Manggha (Japanese Centre of Art and Technology)

    approx 4 blocks
    Marii Konopnickiej 26

    Museum of Japanese Culture... read more

    Archaeological Museum

    approx 4 blocks
    Ulica Senacka 3

    Oldest Archaeological Museum in Poland... read more
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