History Attractions in Seattle

History buffs, take note - Seattle is a city steeped in the old, the preserved and even the haunted. If you're looking for historical things to do in Seattle we've got museums, exhibits and tours galore.

Art and artifacts are wonderful things, but few cities can actually take you back in time to walk the streets of 100 years ago. But that's just what the Underground Tour in Pioneer Square accomplishes - your knowledgeable and often hilarious guides will take you beneath the streets to old downtown Seattle, where all that remains of the Great Fire of 1889 are bank vaults, storefronts and saloon entrances.

As home to Boeing, Seattle has played a great role in the history of flight, and the Museum of Flight walks you through it with a stunning exhibition of planes, bombers, gliders and anything that takes man into the sky. And the EMP-SFM is a double deal for your history-loving buck - check out the history of blues, jazz and (of course) grunge in Seattle at the Experience Music Project, then head over to the Science Fiction Museum on the same ticket to check out how far we've come since Attack of the 50-foot Woman.

The Seattle Museum of the Mysteries is small but crammed with the creepiest choice bits of Seattle's prohibition era shenanigans - and for just $5, you can get not only museum access but a ghost tour complete with spooky poker game.

The Nordic Heritage Museum in Ballard features several galleries on the migration of the Nordic people into North America and across the country to the Pacific Northwest. And the Wing Luke Asian Museum focuses on Chinese and Japanese culture and how it has influenced life in the Seattle area.

Underground Tour (The)

user rating

608 First Avenue

Discover the city beneath the city...
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Museum of Flight

user rating

9404 E. Marginal Way S

Soar through history...
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Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum

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325 Fifth Ave. N
Seattle Center

From rock out to geek out...
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Seattle Museum of the Mysteries

954 E. Union St.

Explore Seattle's spooky, speakeasy history...
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Nordic Heritage Museum

3014 NW 67th St

Scandinavian Heritage of Seattle...
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Wing Luke Asian Museum

407 Seventh Ave. S

The Asian-American Experience...
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