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  • Tianjin comes alive at night, especially in the summer when people emerge to enjoy the cool evening air. Streetside food stands set up, and people stroll the streets while eating, shopping, and socializing. Grab a meat skewer and dive in. Most expensive but most entertaining Chinese bar experience is the karaoke bar. Young Chinese karaokers generally take their craft very seriously, and you can generally see some very good and some very bad singers - as is the case with karaoke in any country. Karaoke bars can be very expensive, though, since people generally go out and make a night of it. There are also bar streets that have dozens of bars and clubs lumped together. These tend to charge quite a lot more for drinks than you'd pay at a restaurant or other establishment, but you're partly paying for the experience. Go closer to the large universities for places with great karaoke and to find smaller joints with cheaper prices. Music at nightclubs is generally Chinese pop, with a few featuring trance or techno. And as a holdover from the city's days as a British concession, pubs around the city are the place to find a good European pint. Alternatives to bars include the traditional Chinese dance, storytelling, and opera performances, which can be found at theaters around town. Most famous is the northern art of xiangsheng, a satirical dialogue or "cross talk" between two performers. Well known all over China, xiangsheng originated in Tianjin (and partly in Beijing), and is a fascinating way to experience Chinese culture - and have a few laughs as well. There are even acrobatics and kung fu shows to be found around town. And for a more traditional and calm cultural experience

    Tianjin Binhu Theater

    Area No.4, Physical Education College
    Hexi District

    Versatile Theater... read more

    Tianjin Song and Dance Theater

    96 Jian Shan Lu

    Tianjin Landmark... read more

    Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium

    Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium

    Water Drop... read more

    Grand China Theater

    104 Harbin Avenue
    at Xing'an Road

    Large Live Theater in Heping... read more


    Minzhu Ave

    Packed Nightclub... read more

    Tomb Sweeping Day

    Various Venues

    Appeasing the Dead!... read more

    Jin Wan Plaza

    Jiefang Bei Rd
    Chifeng Avenue

    Sleepless City... read more

    Zhong Hua Theater

    Ping He Avenue at Longchang Rd
    Tianjin Amusement Park

    Excellent Venue for Peking Opera... read more

    Yicoo Creative Zone

    11 Xiang Tan Rd
    Opposite Xigu Hospital

    Independent Creative Space... read more

    Tianjin Concert Hall

    32 Zhejiang Road

    Magical Music Center... read more

    Rose Dancery

    Dali Avenue

    Dance Away... read more

    13 Club

    60 Ziyou Avenue

    Tianjin's First Music Bar... read more

    Broadies Tavern

    5 Jiu Ba Jie You Yi Lu

    Tastes Like Lowa... read more

    Ali Baba's

    No. 2 Hutong
    Tong-an Road (Nankai University)

    Eat, Drink and Enjoy... read more

    Quanjude Roast Duck Store

    19 Dongting Road

    Duck, Duck and More Duck... read more


    Shiying Lu at Tianta Ave
    Across from Tianyuan Hotel

    Tune In... read more


    155 Weijin Rd
    KFC Building 3/f

    Gone With the Wind... read more
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