Regions in Caribbean

Antigua and Barbuda

Beaches, sea and sand—and did we mention beaches? There’s not a lot going on in Antigua and Barbuda other than white sands and palm trees, and that’s the key to its allure. Don’t expect cruise ships... read more


After George Washington visited The Bahamas, he wrote that they were "Isles of Perpetual June." Today, the 1,220km-long (760-mile) chain of islands, cays, and reefs is rightfully known as the playground... read more


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Cigars and old cars, Rumba and rum: the icons of Cuba are as legendary as it gets. And with the government embracing tourism full-on, there’s plenty of opportunities to experience this Caribbean island with... read more


The pristine island of Dominica -- the wildest in the Caribbean -- was green long before anyone heard of eco-tourism. The government of Dominica has been preserving its shoreline and protecting its mountain... read more


This sleepy island has friendly people, a lush interior that includes Grant Etang National Park, and the lovely and popular white sands of Grand Anse Beach. Crisscrossed by nature trails and filled with dozens... read more


If you have time for only one French island, should it be Martinique or Guadeloupe? The question's a tough one. Martinique is more sophisticated, with more culture, but Guadeloupe has more diversity and calmer... read more


Haiti is a country with a troubled past, and its future still remains uncertain, most notably due to the powerful earthquake on January 12, 2010 that rocked the city of Port-au-Prince. Furthermore, decades... read more


Of all the French West Indies, Martinique is the most French, beginning with its capital, Fort-de-France. It is truly France in the Tropics, and we're talking Gauloise cigarettes and gendarmes directing traffic.... read more


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Netherlands Antilles (Curaçao)

The Netherlands Antilles consists of two groups of islands that form part of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean Sea. The islands are Curaçao and Bonaire, which are just off the Venezuelan coast; and Sint... read more

Saint Kitts and Nevis

As often happened during Carribean history, St-Kitts and Nevis changed hands between between the English and French many times, leaving behind a heritage of cities with names from both countries. The architecture... read more

Saint Lucia

St. Lucia remains relatively unspoiled, a checkerboard of green-mantled mountains, valleys, wild orchids, and fishing villages. The island has a mixed French and British heritage, but there's a hint of the... read more

Saint Vincent and The Grenadines

The slogan "The Caribbean as it used to be" is tossed about a lot in advertising, often to excuse a dull 1950s retro look. But St. Vincent and the Grenadines actually are the Caribbean of decades ago. Even... read more

Trinidad and Tobago

The term “vibrancy” doesn’t really do Trinidad and Tobago justice. Take the colorful cacophony of birds, the aqua waters containing coral gardens and underwater canyons, the lush rainforests and deserted... read more

Turks and Caicos Islands

Ever get the feeling that there are no untouched lands left to explore? The Turks and Caicos Islands just might renew your faith in true paradise. Turks and Caicos are made up of 40 different islands and cays,... read more

U.S. Virgin Islands

What’s your Caribbean fantasy composed of? Pampering mega-resorts or rustic eco-tents, plush cruise ships or protected parkland, modern amenities or outdoor adventures? In the US Virgin Islands, you don’t... read more

Virgin Islands (British)

Sailors, sun worshippers and celebrities all have one destination on their minds, and it’s the British Virgin Islands. The Caribbean archipelago is composed of forty islands where protected bays, national... read more

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