Beaches in Amsterdam

Beaches might not be the first thing on your agenda when visiting Amsterdam, but in the summer months the city can get very warm and very busy, and a day out to the beach might suddenly seem very appealing. If you've got kids then it's a must. Most of the city beaches, located on lakes, have an area of shallow safe water cordoned off with floats. And for the adults nearly all of the city beaches have great chilled out restaurants and bars where you can kick back and relax. Whatever your style - hippy to hip - there's a beach to suit.

Blijburg Aan Zee - Amsterdam

expert pick

Muiderlaan 1001, 1087 VA Amsterdam

One of the best beach vibes going on in Amsterdam, with a slightly alternative feel which welcomes everyone. Located only 20 minutes by tram from Amsterdam Central Station...
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Strand Zuid

Europaplein 22

A city beach for those who want to be 'seen'...
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't Twiske Beaches

expert pick

Nathan F. Israelweg 3

Several wonderful sandy beaches on a massive lake in a nature reserve just 5 kilometres north of Amsterdam city centre...
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Bloemendaal Beach

Zeeweg 98B

Most popular ocean beach escape during the summer months, just 20km from Amsterdam...
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