Oud Zuid, Vondelpark & Museumplein

If you travel further south than Leidseplein you will find yourself in the Oud Zuid, or Old South. The area is very green, mainly due to the fact that Amsterdam's largest park, Vondelpark, is located in this neighborhood. Around the park in the small winding streets you will also find some of the city's most luxurious shops; the PC Hoofstraat has many shops of top international designers.

The Museumplein, or Museum Square, is also located in the Oud Zuid, and has two of the city's most famous museums: the Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum. The modern art museum, the Stedelijk, is also located in Museumplein; however, the museum is being renovated and exhibition times are not consistent.

At the time of writing, the city's famous IAMsterdam sign was located in the Museumplein. With lots of cafes scattered around the square, it's nice to grab a drink and climb on the big letters.

At the far south of Museumplein you'll find the Concertgebouw, or Concert Hall. This beautiful building holds classical concerts and concertos, and every Wednesday of the cultural season at lunch time, you can attend free concerts.



Brasserie Keyzer


Restaurant Oud-Zuid

Sing Sing

Het Bosch


Gorgeous Restaurant


Badcuyp Centrum Voor Muziek

Knijp (De)

Club 8


Van Gogh Museum

Rijksmuseum De Meesterwerken

Amsterdam Canals Jazz Cruise

Amsterdam Canals Pizza Cruise

Amsterdam Dinner Canal Cruise

Menno Kroon

Amsterdamse Bos (The)

Stedelijk Museum CS

Sporthallen Zuid

Zuiderbad Zwembad

Aveda Day Spa Amsterdam

Strand Zuid


Spa Amsterdam Zuiver




Sirene (La)

Gorgeous Restaurant

4 Stagioni (Le)


Restaurant Oud-Zuid



Sing Sing

Club 8


De Knijp

Het Bosch

Trattoria Delitalia (La)

Restaurant Blauw Amsterdam

Bodega Keyzer


Adriaen van Ostade B & B

AMS Hotel Concert Inn

Fying Pig Uptown

Hotel Aadam Wilhelmina

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