This old working-class district also goes by the name of Saint Bruno, in reference to the 19th century church that stands over the place Saint Bruno. The name Chorier-Berriat comes from two of the area's main thoroughfares, the Cours Berriat and the Rue Nicolas Chorier. From the 1850s, immigrant factory workers settled in the neighborhood to work in various industries, especially the glove factories.

Today, the area still has a multi-ethnic population and shoppers can find African restaurants, Asian grocery stores, halal butcher shops, even a deliciously authentic American restaurant. The daily morning market on the Place Saint Bruno is the perfect place to dig for discount clothes, gold-plated jewelry, shoes, cosmetics, produce, and pretty much anything else. Some of the goods offer a real bargain, some things you might want to think twice about buying, but that's part of the fun of the market. Since there are no dressing rooms on public squares, buyers can try on the threads in the seller's vans, which offer just as much privacy.


Loco Mosquito


Musée des Automates

MAGASIN - CNAC (Centre National d'Art Contemporain)

St. Bruno Market


Le Comptoir d'Hippolyte

Le Saint Christophe



Splendid Hotel Grenoble

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