Local Traditional Restaurants in Hong Kong

Hong Kong local traditional restaurants are called "cha chaan teng" or transliterated to mean "tea restaurants" because of their cross over between Western dishes catered to traditional Chinese tastes and meals almost always come with tea, milk tea or coffee. Tsui Wah has risen from the mass and one of the best Hong Kong local traditional restaurants, offering fish ball noodles, crispy toasts, Chinese style curries, Hainan Chicken rice and more Hong Kong favourites for reasonable prices. Service epitomizes Hong Kong efficiency and the ambiance and decor is definitely branded Tsui Wah.

Si Sun burgers are tremendously popular with Hong Kong teenagers as an "indie" Hong Kong's local traditional style fast food joints. Si Sun serves up more than just a dose of nostalgia; the restaurant has remained so successful mostly owing to its food quality. The beef burger patties are handmade and are grilled fresh to order. And for an extra bit of local Hong Kong flavor, the patties are served sandwiched between two sesame-sprinkled Garden brand buns. The signature double cheeseburger is comfort food at its best with a fried egg. It's messy, juicy, and delectably meaty.

If you liked Si Sun then chances are you'll really like Wing Lok Yuen for their Hong Kong local traditional style double sausage hot dogs. Its rare for places in Hong Kong to use a homemade house sauce made fresh every day from butter, mustard, egg yolk, pickles, sugar, salt and vinegar. Wing Lok Yuen hot dogs are the Hong Kong Hot Dog and there's always a queue outside. Get yourself a couple of Hot Dogs and a cup of their Spicy Vegetable Soup for a filling, delicious meal, their onion sauce chicken leg rice is typically done in Hong Kong style too.

Probing Jordan for a timeless taste of the real hong Kong then the Australia Dairy Company is the best place for all day breakfast. Lightly toasted, fluffy white bread that's baked onsite, a gargantuan layer of scrambled egg and a rich flavoursome juicy meat sauce. The tea sets are extremely cheap and the milk tea is a delicious cup of Hong Kong, served in a cafe that embodies yesteryear.

If you're looking for a local traditional dim sum restaurant then head over to Kwong Wah Street and look for the place with the giant line of people waiting outside. Tim Ho Wan is opened by three Michelin starred Lung King Heen's former dim sum chef, Pui Gor so it's not hard to see why this relatively new restaurant has been generating so much buzz in the dining circuit. This Hong Kong local traditional restaurant is a one Michelin starred restaurant and must try items include baked barbecue pork buns and steamed shrimp rice rolls with sweet soy sauce; both of which will leave your stomach and wallet happy.

Jade Garden serves up Chinese specialty dishes such as Peking duck, beggar's chicken and bird's nest soup with crabmeat. It focuses on celebration dishes such as a chicken split down the middle and stuffed with premium dried scallops, abalone and mushrooms. Start with the traditional claypot soup with long stemmed mushrooms, pork and fish stock - it's very light and the flavour subtle.

Wonton noodle soup is synonymous with Hong Kong local traditional food and for HKD 16 for a bowl of noodle and not to mention this is a Michellin starred restaurant makes it easy to see why locals become regulars. Tsim Chai Kee is a must visit if you are looking for a Hong Kong local traditional restaurant around the busy Central area. Its been revamped and the atmosphere is a lot more oriental that is absent from most Cantonese restaurants.

After hours and Hong Kong local traditional dessert shops aside, Tong Pak Fu is worthy of mention for their Taiwanese shaved ice desserts. Queues during the weekend for their soft and fluffy shaved ice is no joke, the ice doesn't taste like water, tastes more like sherbet with their innovative toppings and creative Asian flavours like tofu, green tea, guava, or the most popular choice of mango.

Locals have mixed feelings towards Mido Cafe because of the play of their old school traditional Hong Kong style cha chaan teng decor. As a tourist visiting Hong Kong, if you want to take photos of the antique cashier machine, tiled walls are in close proximity to Temple street then Mido cafe is convenient and quick. The star dish is the baked pork chop rice with a rich tomato sauce, slightly burned on the edges and served in an adorable metal container.

Top deck at the Jumbo Kingdom is fun festive and a local Hong Kong institution for nearly 25 years. Its gorgeous alfresco dining on jet fresh oysters, seafood platters and seafood dishes while relaxing in huge lounge chairs. Its not going to be your most typical Hong Kong mean but the atmosphere is a must try if its your first time visiting Hong Kong.

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Star House (4th floor), Tsim Sha Tsui

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