Pyramids and Tombs in Oaxaca City

Oaxaca is famous for many things, but no one can argue, the ruins, pyramids and tombs in nearby areas are one of the main reasons to come to this city. Hopefully this Top 10 Pyramids, Tombs and pre-Hispanic Sites list will help you while visiting the best of the best.

Monte Alban is one of the most important pre-hispanic sites not only in Oaxaca and Mexico, but in all the continent. It's an unique ceremonial center situated in an unique natural environment.

The carvings and geometric designs created in Mitla centuries ago, still influence Mexican art, and have become a presentation card for Mexico in the world.

But not all sites are as big, explored and important as Mitla and Monte Alban. Yagul, Zaachila and Dainzu are small examples of the civilizations that inhabited these lands long before the Spaniards arrived. That doesn't makes them unimportant, their magic and uniqueness makes them worth the visit.

If what you like is adventure, Cuiulapan is for you. Inquire about the almost unexplored ruins and feel what it is to be an archeologist.

Some museums have important art pieces from all these and more sites. The Centro Cultural Santo Domingo has all the treasures founded in a tomb in Monte Alban. You won't believe what you're seeing. The Rufino Tamayo Museum houses a large collection that belonged to the famous painter who also gave his name to the museum.

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Monte Alban

N/A Road to Monte Alban

One of the most important and best conserved pre-Hispanic ruins in Mexico... read more

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Carretera Oaxaca - Mitla Km 42
San Pablo de Mitla, Oaxaca

Just 40 minutes from Oaxaca City, these Zapotec ruins are magical and unique... read more

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Centro Cultural Santo Domingo

Macedonio Alacalá n/n

A beautiful and interesting museum in a very important XVI Century building... read more

Rufino Tamayo Museum

Av. Morelos 503
North of the zócalo between Tinoco y Palacios and Porfirio Díaz

This museum houses the large pre-Columbian art collection the famous artista Rufino Tamayo had... read more


KM 36 Carrtera Federal 190

A small yet important pre-Hispanic city set around a hill overlooking the mountains of Oaxaca... read more


28 km S.E. highway 190

A small but important Zapotec site, with unique and well preserved carved masks... read more


Highway 190 to Istmo de Tehuantepec

A small but important ceremonial center for the Zapotecs... read more


Km10 highway to Zaachila

On of the oldest churches in the State, a historic site and a perfect place for the adventurers... read more

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La Mano Mágica

Macedonio Alcalá 203
Between Morelos and Matamoros

This galery promotes the popular and traditional art of Oaxaca... read more

MARO (Mujeres Artesanas de las Regiones de Oaxaca)

5 de Mayo 204
Between Murguía and Morelos

This is a cooperative of women creating handicrafts from the city and some surrounding villages... read more
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