Quick Tip #1: Checked Luggage

Travel Tips — By Nicole Lerner on December 5, 2008 at 9:27 am

Many airlines now charge for checked luggage. Not only does this increase the cost of your trip, but it also creates extra hassles at the airport. One way to ease the pain is to check-in the night before using the airline’s website, and pre-pay for planned checked luggage. For example, on Northwest’s website, you can check-in the day before your flight, and use a credit card to pay for the number of checked bags for each passenger. Don’t worry about overpaying if you end up not checking in as many bags as you planned the previous day – you only actually get charged for the bags when the baggage receipt is printed at the airport. Also, note that Northwest does NOT charge for checked children’s car seats, but, technically, you cannot check car seats at the curb-side check-in, you are supposed to do this at the ticket counter. HOWEVER, recent experience at multiple airports has proven that if you ask the curb-side porter nicely, he will run-in and take care of the car seat check-in at the ticket counter for you. Just be sure to give a decent tip for this extra service!

So, following these tips, even in today’s new world of checked-luggage charges, you can still quickly check-in at the curb, bypassing the long lines at the ticket counters, even if you are checking one or more car seats! But, be sure to check your particular airline for their unique polices.

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