It’s All in a Name: 5 Provocative Places to Visit on Your Next Vacation

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Disclaimer: The following names of restaurants, parks and other points of interest may be laughably lewd or inappropriate.  But they are also real establishments and locations.  If this kind of thing offends your ears, please don’t read any further.

Cabbages and Condoms, Bangkok

Cabbages and Condoms, Bangkok

For vacation stories that keep your (adult) listeners interested and intrigued, I suggest a visit to one or more of the points of interest below. They’ll beat the traditional slideshow/monologue hands down. Innuendo is the spice of travel tales – add some to your trip.

  1. Vondelpark, Amsterdam. Mispronounce the name, and it sounds like you’re talking about the “Fondlepark”…which may not be too far from the truth. This lovely city park is crowded on sunny days, full of people enjoying the weather and birdwatchers (the park is a sanctuary), and also after 11pm (at which point the Vondelpark is available to couples). Either way, there is sure to be some interesting people-watching.
  2. Perverted Science at 333, London. The name brings to mind a kinky laboratory, but what visitors will really find is a popular British nightclub that mixes music of all genres for a unique and lively sound. Famous DJs and great music make for long lines – show up early to be sure of getting in. Also be sure to name-drop this nightclub when describing your London visit to especially conservative friends.
  3. House of Tricks, Tempe (Phoenix area). Visitors expecting a house of ill repute might not be too disappointed to learn House of Tricks is a restaurant, especially after they try some of Robert and Robin Trick’s (so that’s where the name comes from…) delicious food. The Phoenix area restaurant itself is lovely and quirky, off the beaten path and romantic. A great place to bring – not find – a date.
  4. Daiquiri Dick’s, Puerta Vallarta. Well, at least his nickname wasn’t “Whiskey.” If you do visit this beachfront restaurant in Puerta Vallarta, be sure to try one of the superb tropical drinks for which they are famous. Do it at sunset. Heck, do it in the sand – you’re on vacation.
  5. Cabbages and Condoms, Bangkok. Their motto: “Birth control should be as cheap as vegetables.” I agree. The owners of this Bangkok restaurant took it one step further, and decided that interior decorating should be as cheap as birth control, too; the walls of this popular dining establishment are covered with condoms. Have a drink at the “Vasectomy Bar” and enjoy your bizarre choice of restaurant.

And, for some old-fashioned, outdoorsy fun, visit:

Wet Beaver Creek, Sedona

Deep Cove, Vancouver

Lingam Shrine, Bangkok

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