Introducing the New NileGuide!

New Features, NileGuide Updates — By Josh Steinitz on April 14, 2009 at 9:10 am

I’m pleased to announce today that NileGuide has officially come out of “beta” with an entirely upgraded trip planning experience. While some of these features have been available for several weeks, we’re just now pulling the cover off on the whole enchilada.

You’ll notice lots of important improvements in the new site, including:

  • A bold and attractive new design, with stunning destination images on each Destination Snapshot page (check out Dublin) and our new homepage
  • A new interactive neighborhood section for each destination we cover, complete with location information, descriptions, and quick links to points of interest (for example, check out our Boston Neighborhood Guide)
  • A persistent “trip list” located in the upper left of the site, so you’ll always be able to refer to the items you’re collecting
  • An enhanced trip planning section where you can organize your list, enabling you to easily drag & drop points of interest straight from your trip list into calendar days
  • Upgrades to our trip sharing and trip collaboration features, with clear and simple tools to support social functionality
  • A simplified registration system, making it super-easy for our users to register and subscribe to newsletters and company updates
  • Much more coverage: we now feature more than 100 destinations around the world, having recently added Helsinki, Copenhagen, Oxford, Jamaica, Salt Lake City, and Orange County, to name just a few

We’re incredibly grateful to the thousands of customers who have provided us with great feedback on our beta site during recent months. Our goal with the new site has been to process all of this feedback to make our user experience more fun, more intuitive, and more compelling. Personally, I’d also like to thank our hard-working team. Late nights and lots of discussions about creative ways to solve important challenges in trip planning have helped make this day happen.

So we invite you , to give the new site a spin. We hope you’ll be impressed with the progress we’ve made in getting to this important point in our company’s evolution. And we’re not just standing still—now that we’ve reached this point, we’re pushing full steam ahead to make our site better, faster, and more engaging, with lots of fantastic new features in the pipeline. We’re excited to show you what’s next!

To see the press release on the new NileGuide, click here.

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