Diamonds Are Forever, But So Is Duct Tape: A Gear Junkie’s Take on Romantic Clichés

Gear Guide — By Alexi Ueltzen on June 4, 2009 at 9:48 am

You’re a traveler in a relationship and your sweetie has a birthday coming up. Or perhaps there’s an anniversary next week. Or it could be that you need the Christmas present to beat all Christmas presents. Not sure what to get? You could always resort to the standards (jewelry, gift cards, homemade “coupons” for massages and car washes that, let’s face it, never get redeemed).

You’re too cool/rugged/unconventional to just get your darling another iTunes giftcard, which is why the NileGuide gear Junkies have compiled the following list of romantic cliché alternatives.

Cliché: Long walks on the beach

Please raise your hand if you DON”T like long walks on the beach. Mhmm. I thought so.

Gear Junkie version: Reef sandals

Whether you’re a guy or doll, Reef makes comfy, cute and quality ‘flops for wandering. A soft but thick rubber sole and wide fabric straps make for blister-free strolling, and a variety of styles and colors means you’ll be able to find the surfer-style footwear that’s right for you. Or your girlfriend. Whatever. There’s a reason you see professional surfers wearing them. There’s also a reason you see college kids wearing them: their BYOB sandals, and a few other styles, come with a church key bottle opener inserted into the sole. Grab your girl or dude, a couple of Coronas and head to the nearest ocean.

Cliché: A diamond is forever.

Yeah. And so is Dick Clark’s role as New Years Eve host.

Gear Junkie version: A roll of Duct Tape

I know, I know, there’s a big difference between a diamond ring and some silver tape. However, some surprising similarities exist:

  • Both are shiny
  • Both are circular
  • Both can represent the strength of your bond and the tenacity of your relationship

Also, you can tell your girl that duct tape symbolizes the fact that you realize that nothing is perfect and  sometimes things – like relationships – need patching. And that you’ll be there for her in any situation. And that you may not be the most elegant or refined of men, but you’ll get the job done every time.

And that you’re cheap.

Cliché: Candlelit dinner

*Yawn*. Gee, can Grandma come too?

Gear Junkie version: A Coleman Retro Lantern and a bag of Trail Mix

Throw this retro (everything’s cooler when it’s retro) lantern, a blanket and a bag of trail mix into your backpack. I’d say throw in your significant other too, but they probably won’t fit. Instead, tell them to lace up their hiking boots and head out for a hike some warm evening. Make sure you end up with a view of the sunset or a clearing for stargazing. Then bust out the lantern and blanket, and practice tossing trail mix pieces into each other’s mouths. If you’re feeling slightly more highbrow, make your own trail mix online here.

Have some other alternatives to stale romantic clichés? Leave us a comment – I’m dying to know.

Alexi is a resident gear junkie at NileGuide. Have a question about travel gear? Shoot the gear junkies an email at

Sunset photo courtesy of *L*u*z*a* return to nature / Creative Commons, Ring photo courtesy of fionaandneil / Creative Commons

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