Top 5 Fashion Blogs: Inspiration to Look Hot No Matter Where You Travel

Top 5/10 Lists — By Rachel Greenberg on September 16, 2009 at 8:33 am

Ever wonder what the impeccably dressed crowd is wearing in the hippest cities around the world? Look no further then these fantastic fashion blogs that chronicle the envy-worthy styles of everyday people photographed on the streets of their home towns. You could use the pictures for tips on what to pack on your next trip abroad. Or maybe just garner some inspiration on putting together a très chic outfit for work that will leave your co-workers green with international style envy.

  1. CopenhagenCycleChic: It’s no wonder one of the world’s most bike-friendly cities, Copenhagen, has a blog dedicated to documenting the chicly-dressed while on their bikes. It is pretty mind-boggling how gosh darn adorable these guys look while engaging in an athletic activity (while toting around children, groceries, a cup of coffee, etc). We especially like the brightly colored bikes and how handlebar baskets become a fashion accessory of their very own!
  2. Stylites: It’s pretty amazing how many different styles the streets of Beijing have to offer. On one page of this blog we found styles that seemed straight out of the eighties, Caribbean Rasta-inspired, Catholic school girl to Little House on the Prairie. The creativity and freedom of expression shown through the outfits in this blog are inspiring and make you feel like anything goes (except maybe boring) on the streets of Beijing.
  3. StreetGeist: This blog goes to show that in Athens, casual means anything but sloppy or boring. Looking really, ridiculously cool, the Greeks can pull off every variation of jeans and black pants imaginable. And we were particularly impressed with the men who totally rocked black shorts as part of a three-piece business suit ensemble.
  4. TheMidWasteland: As they sit outside at concerts, shop at farmers markets, and enjoy Sunday brunch in Chicago the people chronicled in this blog don floral summer dresses, brightly colored mini shorts, and plaid shirts, giving off a playful 70’s vibe; think Annie Hall meets Midwest farmer/farmer’s daughter. They hit the mark, looking just boho without crossing into costume-y.
  5. StilinBerlin: After looking through this blog we think you’ll agree that Berliners are some of the most fashion-forward hipsters in the world. But what we love most is their ability to meld vintage and modern pieces in a way that makes their outfits seem both reminiscent of the past as well as totally modern (and if that’s not an accurate description for Berlin as a city, we don’t know what is!). Next time we’re in Berlin, thrift store shopping is going to be at the top of our list.

[Photos by StilInBerlin/ Creative Commons]

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  • Victoria says:

    I love CopenhagenCycleChic… it’s my motivation for attempts at riding my Schwinn Jenny to work in heels. Today was a major breakthrough: riding in a dress!

  • Alexi Ueltzen says:

    First off, way to go Victoria. You’re a stronger woman than I am.

    As for the sites above, I am always fascinated by others’ clothes when I go abroad. In fact, I find myself staring to the point of rudeness. I’d love to have the guts to wear some of the colors and styles you see on these blogs (which I get totally sucked into. productivity disaster)… but end wearing jeans and a Gap favorite tee to wear to work.

    Does anyone else fear eccentric clothing like I do?

  • Erica says:

    Thanks for sharing this! Haven’t heard about Stylites in Beijing before.Like Victoria, I love Copenhagen Cycle Chic, and I’ve been a regular reader of StilinBerlin for quite some time. Looking forward to check out your other pics.

    I can also recommend (from my old hometown Stockholm), (London), (Oslo, Berlin, Copenhagen and more), and the famous (mostly NYC).

  • kids designer clothing says:

    Keep up the good work Victoria! I hadnt heard of CopenhagenCycleChic, definately worth a read!


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