Talk Like a Local: Sound Bites

Talk Like a Local — By Alexi Ueltzen on September 23, 2009 at 9:41 am

The foodie world is an intimidating one. Whether you’re in an upscale restaurant trying to order Filet Mignon without embarrassing yourself, or in a competition that involves celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsey, a dinner challenge and some choice expletives, talking about cuisine can be hard.

That’s why we’ve compiled the following list of helpful “foodie” terms for you to use in a given restaurant/date/reality competition emergency, should it arise.

Flexitarian: A vegetarian who will bend their “no food with a face” rule every now and then. Basically, someone who isn’t yet willing to admit they’re an omnivore.

Paleocuisineology: Because “food anthropology” didn’t have quite enough syllables.

Speed Scratch Cooking: Supermarket lingo for already-marinated meats that are ready to be cooked at home.

Pittsburghed: Also known as “Pittsburgh style,” this refers to searing steak at such a high temperature that the outside is charred but the inside remains very, very rare. One theory is that the method originated with steel workers who used their flame torches to prepare their meat this way (the jury’s still out on that one).

Double-dead: Food that died because of either accident or disease, and but was then butchered to be sold as fresh. See also: Roadkill. See also: Avoid at all costs.

Marbit: A small bit of marshmallow, usually found in breakfast cereals. See also: The good parts.

Short Eats: Similar to Dim Sum or Tapas, short eats are a variety of snacks shared among a table…because the English-speaking world likes to make up its own slang for everything.

And, because we couldn’t fit all the weirdness into one post, below is one sentence chock full of bizarre foodie slang. Can you decipher it?

“I was buying a ghetto latte at five-bucks when I realized I was in line behind a lunch-shooter; the place was weeded so I walked out, went to a mahogany reef and got a yumptious Rumtopf instead.”

Check out some more great food slang here and here.

[Photo courtesy of jo-h/Creative Commons]

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