Shanghai: A City of Romance and Proposal Paradise

Romantic, Shanghai — By Lauren Johnson on February 10, 2010 at 10:06 am

For the passionately romantic traveler hoping to take his or her lover on the date of a lifetime, there is no more romantic and exotic place than Shanghai. The city itself is divided in half by a slow moving river, with both banks reaching towards each other forever in requited romance. Often overlooked in favor of Paris, Shanghai does not get the full credit it deserves. As prices in Europe skyrocket, Shanghai’s magnificent and romantic aura shines ever brighter.

The glimmering lights along the Bund offer an endearing spot for an evening stroll, while the small alcoves of secluded benches offer the perfect place for quiet conversations and coquettish sidelong glances. Friendly women troll the Bund selling flowers, jewelry and other tokens of affection while men offer to make your special moment last forever with professional photography on the spot. This is not only the perfect place for a romantic and memorable proposal, but offers a plethora of fancy bars and lounges along the Bund to celebrate the proposal in due style.

Wine and dine your sweetheart in classy glamour for a fraction of the price you would pay in Europe. Some of the world’s greatest chefs call Shanghai their home, owing in large part to the freedom and creativity they are afforded. Laris boasts a spread of culinary delights that will please any palate while after dinner drinks at Cotton Club in the shade of individual umbrellas making each vineyard enclosed table seem like a world to itself. Take your sweetheart dancing at any of the city’s lively clubs like Zapatas, or even better take your special someone to the 88th floor of the Jin Mao Tower for a final drink at the Sky Lounge, where you get a panoramic view of the city in all its nighttime glory. Many a lucky and romantic couple has agreed to stay together forever atop China’s (once) tallest building. The vibe is romantic, the drinks exemplary, and the view breathtaking.

In addition to a city full of wonders to explore together, Shanghai is a prime location for launching trips to Hangzhou, the city of love, or cruises down the Yangzi River. Whatever your flavor of passion, Shanghai has an ample supply of suitable romantic options for you and your lover. With fine dining, classy hotels and cloud-top views, Shanghai is sure to be the most romantic city you’ve encountered.

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