Video: Rare Male Twin Elephants Born In Thailand, One Sick

Thailand, Travel News — By David Chalk on March 29, 2010 at 2:25 pm

Earlier this month, twin baby elephants were born two hours apart in a rural part of Thailand’s Surin province.  The pair, named Thong-Kum and Thong-Tang, are the first known set of male twin elephants in the world, born to 35-year-old mom Phang Thong Khun.

One onlooker who had traveled from a nearby town to see the birth told The Times, “They are a bit wrinkly and ugly at the moment but I’m sure as they grow up they will get really cute.”  You can judge their cuteness for yourself in this video from Telegraph TV.

After two weeks, the twins were reportedly healthy and weighed about 175 pounds each.  One of the twins is now being treated by a vet after being sick for four days, but it is not believed to be serious according to this video from Reuters:


Another pair of female twin elephants were born in Thailand in 1993, and six others are known in parks in South Africa and Nepal. Because of the mammoth nutritional needs placed on the mother, elephant twins are extremely rare.

While a century ago Thailand was home to around 100,000 elephants, the elephant population has dwindled to just 4,000 today.  Surin province, which is about 280 miles by car from Bangkok, is renowned for its elephants.  Surin celebrates Thai Elephant Day on March 13, has an Elephant Parade in May, and hosts the world’s biggest elephant parade, the Surin Elephant Round Up, during the third week of November.

Here’s one more Surin elephant video:


[Image credit: Bronek Kaminiski/Barcroft]

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