2010 World Cup Victory Beats Love, Jobs, and Even Nourishment Among Expat Priorities

Travel News — By John Curran on April 26, 2010 at 8:08 am
You may have heard that soccer (football to everyone else) fans take their sport, and their teams very seriously. While a poll that was recently conducted may not have been completely serious, the depth of some enthusiasts’ love for the beautiful game is not.

The folks at U.S.-based VIP Communications surveyed emigres from each of the 32 nations represented in this year’s World Cup competition in South Africa who now reside in North America. Among the questions were those asking the respondent to rank various choices if it would help their team achieve victory.

Hunger strikes would be on the order for most England fans now stateside if their team would be able to raise the trophy for the first time in 44 years: more than nine in ten would give up food for a week, according to Reuters coverage of the results.

Americans were no less passionate, as many would happily continue the housing crisis and lose their homes if the U.S. men’s team won their first ever World Cup. South Koreans, from a country that could offer first-time host South Africa a few pointers on the deluge of spectators who will descend there this summer, would happily put a halt to their love life for a year.

The passion that’s clear even among expatriates also represents an issue for travelers who are considering South Africa or in fact much of the lower portion of the continent. Fewer air travel possibilities are down there, and most will be taken by those who were able to obtain tickets. It means that those planning trips should consider booking much earlier than they would normally.

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