Are Naked Vacations the Latest Travel Trend?

Offbeat — By Carlo Alcos on April 28, 2010 at 10:47 am

NSFW Disclaimer: Some of the following links contain images of naked people; tread carefully.

Are “nak-ations” going to sweep the travel industry off its feet?

Last December, the UK’s Daily Mail tipped its readers off on the next travel trend for 2010: Nude cruises. They based this prediction on a travel trends report published by ABTA, the travel association. According to the report, “‘naked cruising has been tipped to sweep the sector, as cruise companies continue in their efforts to attract new cruisers.”

In this Yahoo! News video, Norwegian Cruise Line General Manager, Stephen Park, is quoted as saying, “Whether you’re a music lover, a nature lover, or a naturist, there will be a cruise for you,” signaling that the cruise industry is about to dip into very specific niches to lure customers onto the ships.

There is no shortage of options to book nude cruises. Bare Necessities Tour & Travel specializes in clothing optional vacations, including this cruise that will visit Famous Ports of the Ancient World between August 21 and September 4 this year., which has the great tagline “Expose yourself to adventure”, is running their second annual “Erotic Au Naturel Carribean Cruise” in late January 2011. Or you can book a nude tall ship cruise with Castaways Travel.

But, of course, cruise ship staff aren’t the only ones enjoying bare buns. This Daily Mail article points out Turkey’s first naturist hotel, the Adaburnu-Golmar, which is set to unveil itself May 1, 2010. While clothing will be mandatory inside the hotel, going buff is permitted at the pool bar, the outdoor dining terrace, and a private beach a short drive away. They state, however, that the nude sunbathers will have to share the beach with the hotel’s goats and chickens. reports here that hikers in Germany can now enjoy a nude romp in the forests of the Harz Mountains. To warn unsuspecting clothed trekkers, signs will be posted stating, “Anyone who doesn’t want to see naked bodies may not proceed further.”

For clothing-optional resorts, TripAdvisor listed their top 10 in 2008.

Still not convinced about a nak-ation? Christopher Elliot debunks five common myths about nude vacations at msnbc that might bare some truth for you.

Image: iamcootis / Flickr

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