British Family Forgets About Tide in West Midlands Vacation Spot, Ocean Borrows Car

Travel News, Travel Safety, UK — By John Curran on April 29, 2010 at 2:43 pm

Surfers and fishermen know the value of timing high and low tides, but a family in the United Kingdom didn’t realize that station wagons can also be taken in by the sea.

They had wanted to test out a jet ski at Burnham-on-Sea in Somerset, according to the Daily Mail, and left their car near the shoreline to make it easier to re-attach the personal watercraft. Unfortunately, they didn’t plan for high tide to roll in, engulfing the Ford Mondeo station wagon and taking it out to sea.

Although most personal items were removed by the time the wagon was submerged, it took a tractor from a local rescue organization to bring the Ford back to shore. The West Midlands area of England is known for holidaymakers who suffer from similar mistakes.

The lesson, as expressed by the local coast guard, is to always check the tide tables if you are considering a stop at a waterside location, as well as any weather forecasts. People who don’t know the area may not be aware of developments that could lead to adverse conditions, leading to a costly outcome like the family from Wolverhampton found out.

Their car, it turns out, was totaled, with a spokesperson for Burnham Area Rescue Boat dryly telling the Daily Mail, “Salt doesn’t mix well with cars.” In all, this occurs about 20 times per year in this area of England alone.

[Image: National Weather Service]

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