British Airways Passengers Enter Bladder Control Challenge

Offbeat, Travel News — By Jules Auger on May 5, 2010 at 10:12 am

Soaring through the air at hundreds of miles an hour, all while contained in a pressurized metal tube is far from most people’s idea of a good time. Often, the bathroom breaks are what makes it more tolerable, allowing passengers a few minutes to get away from the rattle of item carts, snoring of nearby passengers, and the ever-bawling baby behind one’s seat. British Airways passengers on May 3rd, however, did not have what they would soon see as a serious “luxury”.

As this particular flight took off on Monday, May 3rd, passengers had no idea that the twelve hour voyage from Heathrow to the Cayman Islands would require expert bladder control, something even the fine print on their boarding passes didn’t warn about.

Airplane toilets have a certain limit to how much they can hold, and when the jet landed in Heathrow, the contents from the previous flight were apparently not removed, leaving passengers with 6 of the 8 bathrooms out of operation. The already less than desirable situation was only aggravated  when the two remaining lavatories clogged up from the heavy use.

With almost three hours still left of transit, the captain came online to alert passengers of the situation, advising them to “stop drinking” until the plane landed in Nassau, an arrival undoubtedly accompanied with mad dashes through customs in an attempt to reach an airport bathroom.

With little else they could do, British Airways has gone on to apologize to their customers and has assured them nothing like this would ever happen again.

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