Aiming For The Sky: Boeing Phantom Ray

Travel News — By Jules Auger on May 11, 2010 at 12:30 pm

Mankind has come a long way since horse-drawn carriages and steam-powered trains, and the way people get around the globe reflects this tremendously. Whereas leaving one’s home continent was once unfathomable and reserved for only the elite of society, going from one end of the world to the next is now commonplace and those who have never travelled are quickly becoming a minority. However, advancements in airplanes are far from over, and Boeing continues to show that the company is not resigned to serving only its loyal globetrotting customers.

The inventor of the Boeing 747, a popular commercial jet, and pioneer in aviation technology, Boeing is now expanding its reach in the aeronautical industry. With the quickly approaching release of the new Boeing Phantom Ray, an unmanned, highly advanced aerial vehicle, Boeing plans to show the world that the world of war is not beyond its grasp.

So far, Phantom Works, the department responsible for this cutting-edge creation, has rolled out one near-functional prototype that it hopes will provide “endless new possibilities” for its customers. Program manager Craig Brown believes that the many new features will encompass some of the most modern, revolutionary designs available to both private and governmental consumers.

With a fifty-foot wingspan and a length of 36 feet, the Phantom Ray boasts some impressive reconnaissance and information-gathering capabilities. Based on a preliminary prototype developed by the company over a decade ago, this is the first working model that has been entirely funded by Boeing. The model represents a new, fast-growing niche in the market – that of unmanned flight systems.

As the company continues to refine its prototype, it is expected that the plane will be making test flights later this summer.  December of 2010 will mark the first official flight of this aircraft, providing warfighters and governments in strife with one of the most advanced ways to ensure their security and make their conflicting forces tremble at the thought of the Boeing Phantom Ray.

[Image: Lucky Bogey]

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