Private Jet + Back Porch = “Ultimate Luxury Travel”

Travel News — By David Chalk on May 20, 2010 at 8:27 am

BAE Systems and UK design consultancy Design Q attempted to take aviation design to new heights at the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition in Geneva earlier this month.  Wanting to make private jets more like luxury yachts, the partners unveiled a design for a private jet with a back porch.  The porch, or “Air Deck,” can only be used when the Avro Business Jet Explorer One and Explorer Four are on the ground. ASDNews explains how the unique feature works:

… a huge side door powers open to reveal a concealed platform that extends out from the aircraft. The ‘Air Deck’ transforms the rear of the aircraft into the ultimate living space, providing an elevated outdoor viewing deck combined with a luxurious indoor space incorporating a state-of-the-art entertainment system and vast open plan galley.

Image: Design Q

Design Q owner/director Gary Doy hails the innovation:

These concepts challenge conventional thinking and blend the proven attributes of the ABJ with customer focused design solutions providing a unique lifestyle product. I believe these products will have enormous appeal to owners and operators who are looking for the ultimate luxury travel experience.

Other features of the jets:

  • accommodations for four couples or singles in their own private VIP cabins
  • large dressing room incorporating a toilet and shower in the mid section of the aircraft
  • luxurious and spacious lavatory
  • white marble stone floor
  • fully equipped office workstation incorporated into the forward bulkhead
  • beautifully proportioned lounge with curved sofas wrapping around a low central Ottoman from which monitors can be deployed
  • large display cabinet providing a focal point on entry

[Image: BAE Systems PLC/ASD News]

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